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  • It’s About One Conversational Bot…for All Industry Verticals

    Voice Chatbot, bot, FAQ chatbot

    With the power of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning skills, conversational interfaces (chatbots) have not only became revolutionary but also have brought a substantial improvement in many business processes for various industry domains. Our FAQ chatbot is one such awesome voice bot which can help you with streamlining several of your day-to-day problems. Let’s […]

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  • Mist and BLE has answer to “Location tracking and asset visibility” needs for every industry

    For decades, Enterprise Wi-Fi Network service has always been understood to solve the problem of connecting people’s devices to a company network. But with invention of Mist Learning WLAN and the kind of digital transformation this new technology is bringing in, organizations are seriously thinking about leveraging the Wi-Fi network to create new experiences. Mist […]

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  • Speech-to-Text Technology

    In today’s world, there is more voice-based communication and collaboration happening than ever. People are no longer only typing now. They have speech-to-text transcription applications on their smart devices that allow them to transcribe everything they say. While speech recognition and transcription aren’t anew phenomenon, they have undergone a great deal of transformation over the […]