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Case Study

Real time location tracking, proximity messaging and way finding simplified with amazing Mist technology

Leveraging Mist for tourism client to simplify location tracking needs and proximity messaging for passengers on cruise.

Industries of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, are leveraging the Mist services to simplify wireless operations, deliver value-adding location tracking services, sending push notifications in proximity, wayfinding, visitor analytics, and asset tracking to solve complex business processes.

Learn how Beyond Key developers have also ventured into Mist technology and got hands-on experience in using this technology to its best ability to solve some of the complex business problems of our Tourism client.


About the Customer

The tourism based client needed a digital Mist based portal to track the real time location of their passengers on the adventure cruise. This was to control the passenger movement into critical or red alert zones. Also, location tracking on real time messaging was needed to leverage capability of proximity messaging. This was required to boost sales and communication. Customer was also facing issue with seamless navigations for passengers within the cruise. It was difficult for passengers to find their way to their activity zone, restaurant, medical centers, and more. They wanted to leverage way finding capability with the help of Mist.

With the above intentions, the client approached Beyond Key to implement Mist technology for them. To learn more on the Mist solution provided by Beyond Key, download the case study here.

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