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Know more about Breg?

Since 1989, Breg has provided premium, high-value sports medicine products and business solutions that advance orthopedic patient care. In 2011, they rolled out a new brand identity.

Their new brand represents a continued commitment to high quality, service and value, and builds on their strength of taking care of their customers and their patients from every angle.

BCS helps company to process the patient claims end to end and getting payment from Insurance.

Problem Statement


Breg acquired DME billing unit from BIOMET but did not have a in house application that could support insurance billing business and integrate it to ORACLE (which is BREG’s system of records).


    Develop a stock and bill solution to support the processing of remote stock and bill inventory and the related billing activities.
  • 1. The Stock and Bill solution must support the processing of 3,000 claims a day.
  • 2. The Stock and Bill solution must support the billing of multiple payers and satisfy all billing compliance requirements.
  • 3. External organizations and employees will require access to the BCS system.
  • 4. The stock and bill solution must support the planning and management of inventory located at the remote stock and bill locations.
  • 5. The stock and bill solution must create a database to store and maintain billing related pricing.
  • 6. Develop a secure document management system that adheres to HIPAA requirements related to patient privacy.

Previous Situation

Old system was a windows app and the current one is web app. Old Application did not support the enterprise wide management of billing claims. Additionally, due the lack of “off the shelf” software products that could support this business model Breg has decided to develop a custom application to manage the processing of claims.

Current Situation

New application systematically support the processing and management the Breg Stock and Bill Business. This includes the management of stock and bill inventory transactions as well as the related claim and bill processing functions. Now the current app is capable to process and billed large number of claims in a less time.

How we helped?

Beyondkey proposed new web application over old windows application. They understood old system limitations (like security, document management, inventory management, wide management of billing claims) and provided better solution.


What all we did?

1. Full integration to ORACLE

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Financials: BCS place an order in Oracle ERP for further process. Oracle keep track of items dispatch and inventory management.

2. Bulk Claim document upload facility

BCS has facility to upload multiple documents for claim.

3. Document Indexing

Document indexing is the place where user can find all incoming flow of claim documents by Batch Number. User can select document and proceed for claim creation.

4. Claim Life Cycle Management

BCS provides complete end to end claim process,
Place to create claims

  • Portal Order
  • Claim Creation
  • Auto Claim Creation
  • Manual Claim Creation (Doc Index)

5. Stock & Bill Inventory Management

BCS have inventory pages for request/transfer/return inventory.

6. Billing dashboard

Summary of Claim Billed, Claim Entered, Total List/Allowable amount, File received etc.

7. Master Queue Advance search (MQP)

This feature provides a quick claim search. It is implemented using the Solr search platform, which gives blazing- fast search results on a huge database using indexing.

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