SOLR Search

High traffic sites running search queries against the database can start to degrade the site’s overall performance if the database becomes the bottleneck. This is also true for lower traffic sites with lots of content. Complex search queries can be slow to run.

SOLR is Apache based open source search engine. It will improve the overall search on website and we can include description, title, Page title and product title, description and tag.

Apache SOLR is a search platform focused on delivering enterprise class, high performance search functionality. It can be used to power search features within any data driven websites. It is platform independent and provide open source, so it can be integrated with any application or website.

SOLR also has the capability of distributed searching, fault-tolerance and load balancing and therefore it is extensively used in a big-data ecosystem.


SOLR's Features

  • Auto Suggest: A feature that assists the user by automatically predicting the remaining characters in a word or phrase based on what has been typed or input before
  • Results Highlighting: When a user performs a search, words or phrases are highlighted in the results displayed making it easy for him to find the most relevant content
  • Keywords Suggestions: Similar keywords are suggested based on the similarity of the keywords to the search terms a person enters while searching
  • Facet Navigation: Faceted search lets the users to navigate through a collection of information by applying filters in whatever order they choose.
  • Sorting: Sorting is organizing a collection of data elements based on the most -used orders namely numerical order and lexicographical order.
  • Spell Check & Correction: Spellcheck Component is designed to provide inline spell checking