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Staff Augmentation – Addressing your immediate skills gap

Staff augmentation has recently emerged as one of the most sought requirements within the technology domain. With project skills becoming numerous and more technical, companies are looking forth for quick hiring technically strong staff rather than keep training people from scratch. Beyond key has already developed a strong team of 100+ developers and all set for helping companies like with our well researched staff augmentation services. Keep reading below to know further as to how we can help you.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is referred to as an outsourcing strategy that aids in filling the skill gap present in companies. It helps the professional to evaluate the existing staff and then determine which additional skills are required. You are the one to choose from the candidates that fit your requirements and to cut or extend your augmented team whenever you need to. In staff augmentation, the company hires an expert and not a person that has a general knowledge of things.

Why companies need Staff Augmentation?

Companies worry the most about getting an efficient and skilled team on work when a new project is looming ahead. While many companies do possess the expertise to handle all their demands, some may not have specific knowledge or expertise in the area. During such situations, companies are forced to augment their existing staff with new professionals on a per-project basis.
Sometimes organizations could also be short of resources to complete a project on time. In such a scenario, hiring permanent staff might accomplish the task at hand, but you will have to end up paying them year-round without assigning further tasks with them. There are many reasons why IT companies are looking more and more towards Staff Augmentation. Productivity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness are few of the reasons why businesses of all sizes rely on augmented staffing to get things done

Staff Augmentation Services by Beyond Key

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What are the advantages of Staff Augmentation?

Lower Developmental cost
Cost efficiency on operations and infrastructure
Increased productivity
Reduced hiring headaches

Lower Developmental cost:

With Staff augmentation, you don’t have to bother and spend on recruiting, employee benefits, taxes and more. you can pay augmentation workers only for the period they work. And as you directly hire skilled professionals, you also save on training of them on technology.

Cost efficiency on operations and infrastructure:

You don’t need to worry about infrastructure costs like office space, workstations, and other facilities. Just pay a fee for the service and the vendor takes care of arranging everything, while you can focus on your main business activities.

Increased productivity :

Staff augmentation allows you to choose the best resources at one shot. Your team gets productive on the project on day one thus increasing your daily productivity and time as well. Working for one client with full focus and dedication also boosts productivity and expected outcomes.

Reduced hiring headaches :

As you hire a staff augmentation service company like us, all the backend processes like searching for suitable resumes and the initial selection process are handled by us. The only part of the recruitment process which remains your responsibility is final interviewing and selection.

Flexibility :

With Staff augmentation services you are always in a win-win situation. You can scale the size of your workforce according to the demands. More staff for more work. You can also easily replace the developer as per skill requirement and choose among the wide talent pool of IT Professionals. You can also set your preferred geography and timing for your development team.

Beyond Key Staff Augmentation services

At Beyond Key, we help you hire the best technology experts for your business and projects. With our decade long technical expertise in staff augmentation and managed IT services, we have helped our global clients to fill their technological and expertise gaps.

We provide flexible team augmentation services – whether you need to hire 1 developer or a full-fledged cross-functional team of experts. We can also help for other tech professionals like support resources or technical writers and more. All you need is to connect with us and share your skill and resource requirements with us.

We are offering IT Staff augmentation as well as Managed IT services for our global clients. Both models of outsourcing resources have their own pros and cons. Our clients usually ask us about these in detail and how to make it easy to choose the right service for them. We provide them free consultation session to discuss their requirements with us and we recommend them the right model and right process to proceed.

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Based on your project requirement, we pre-screen candidates and help you run the final interview until you find your right team. Once you approve your extended development team, they become your full-time employees, working from our development center. You manage your team directly and have control over them, while we take care of infrastructure, developer retention, and administrative support. This saves your time and money and allows you to focus on the development process and your core business objectives & priorities.

Our Staff augmentation process

Our Staff Augmentation process is extremely simple. It is a 4-step process:

Staff Augmentation Process

Share your requirements

All we need from you is a clear and precise requirement. It should have details like the number of resources you want, skills, qualifications, and experience. You can start with 1 developer to build an entire cross-functional team, as per your need.

Interview and selection

Based on your requirements, our recruitment team will find candidates, interview them, and provide the most relevant candidates for you to review. You can conduct the final interview rounds and select the most suitable team for you.

Integrate and Kick start

We provide them all necessary infrastructure, workstation to set up themselves and kick start the work. We also establish the necessary reporting, communication, and workflow for the working culture of your new hires.

Gain total control

We ensure to set up a proper and efficient communication system between you and the augmented team, so you have complete transparency on who is doing what and how. You can set up expected outcomes from the team in the regular meetups and set up a smooth system as per your project requirements thus having total control on your augmented team.


Staff Augmentation services are promising and present several advantages like decent savings on time, efforts and money for augmenting company, less hiring headaches, increased productivity and flexibility. So, when do you plan to hire IT staff augmentation services?

At Beyond Key, we are offering IT staff augmentation services. We provide flexible team augmentation services – whether you need to hire 1 developer or a full-fledged cross-functional team of experts.

If you have more questions about staffing, outsourcing or staff augmentation, don’t worry. We’re here to answer all of them. Contact us to talk to your experts or request a quote by filling a form below.