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Beyond Key - Data Visualization Consulting Services
Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key

Data Visualization Consulting Services

Let your company critical data speak the true story of your business growth. Employ data to make smarter decisions with the help of data visualization services.

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Modern Business Generates

Every modern business generates tons of data every minute, but company stakeholders often need help utilizing this data to the best of its potential. After a series of discussions they capture this data in endless spreadsheet rows and columns.

If you are want to improve your organization’s data story, you need modern, automated tools that turn their unstructured data into intuitive data visualization charts in in minutes. That’s when our data services experts come into the picture to solve your day-to-day data challenges.

What is Data Visualization?

As the name suggests, data visualization is the process of turning data into
charts and graphs organizations can use to:

Data visualization - Recognize trends

Recognize trends

Data visualization - Identify weaknesses

Identify weaknesses

Data visualization - Plan for the future

Plan for the future

Sometimes, raw data in form of stats or figures is difficult to understand. Data visualization services help you organize and compare data on a year-on-year or month-on-month basis and compare. Charts and graphs make it easier for most people to understand the data because most humans are more visual than mathematically oriented.

Data Visualization Services

Our data visualization service offerings include building detailed reports and interactive dashboards to accommodate your business needs.
Our solutions are customized to your needs and the KPIs you want to monitor. Our Data Visualization services include

Data visualization roadmap and strategy

Data visualization roadmap and strategy

Custom dashboards and reports development

Custom dashboards and reports development

Dashboard and report theme design

Dashboard and report theme design

Data optimization

Data optimization

Data Source integration

Data Source integration

Data platform development

Data platform development

Wondering how to implement the right business intelligence into your organization?

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Data Visualization Uses

Business operations

Business operations Analyze productivity, department, and organization performance

Corporate financials

Corporate financials Track income, expenses, ROI, profitability, budgeting, and forecasts


Healthcare Identify clinical insights and operational challenges


Manufacturing Monitor equipment production and potential defects

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Evaluate procurement and supply chain trends for risks and opportunities


Marketing Segment target audiences based on personalized needs


Sales Report 360-degree view of sales and prospects


HR Track employee activities, onboarding, talent management, and engagement activities


Insurance Combat fraud, mitigate risk and manage policy and claims lifecycle

Learn more about our Power BI consulting services

Data Visualization Tools
Visualization Tools

There are several quality data visualization tools to help with data visualization, including:


Enterprise-level data visualization platform that requires increased setup compared to their competitors. Tableau is not a self-service platform like its competitors because of the advanced tools and complexity. That said, over 64,000 larger organizations use tools like Tableau because they don’t have a limit on data.

Power BI

Microsoft low-code Power Platform tool. Power BI is a scalable, drag & drop data visualization tool that integrates over 3,500 different data sources. The self-service platform uses ETL (extract, transform, and load) capabilities to create intuitive dashboards. Over 36,000 companies rely on Power BI and how it integrates with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem.


Another self-serve tool, Qlik, comes with interactive dashboards, team features, AI Analytics, and up to 5 GB of data capacity in the standard app. Over 28,000 companies rely on Qlik for their data visualization needs.


AI-enabled, cloud-based platform helps over 2,000 do-it-yourself companies visualize their data. Domo allows users to include over 250 million rows of data in their data visualization from over 1,000 different data sources. Unlike their competitors, they don’t have a desktop version. Instead, they have a cloud and mobile environment.


The final business intelligence tool helps over 13,000 organizations with their mobile and cloud-based software. They are known for their speedy access to reports. Their hyperintelligence application helps organizations make decisions by data for everyday decisions with real-time data.

Why Choose Us?

18+ Years of Experience
300+ Skilled Experts
50K+ Product Downloads
500+ Clients

With over 16 + years of business intelligence and data visualization services, Beyond Key has the experience your organization deserves. As a Microsoft Gold provider, we are experts at uncovering hidden insights in your data and enhancing your data exploration capabilities.

At Beyond Key, we have full suite of Power BI consulting Services and Certified experts. We have implemented and developed Power BI dashboards and reports for several industry verticals and functional areas which gives us the cutting edge of superior domain knowledge with cross functional expertise.

Hire Data Visualization Consultants

Discover how to turn your data into visualizations that give you actionable data to help your decision-making.

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Michiel van Meurs Director of IT, Commercial Applications Breg, Inc.
Claudé E. Zamboni CIO, QSC, USA


  • What business intelligence consulting services does Beyond Key offer?

    Beyond Key is a Microsoft certified Gold Partner company having over 15 years of experience of working as a Microsoft Business Intelligence consulting company helping organizations build custom BI solutions and enhance their business intelligence capabilities using leading BI products such as Power BI, Tableau, Domo and more.

    Our consultants help businesses to leverage modern business intelligence features to bring smart analytics from their data. Our business intelligence consulting services include building a BI architecture, Cloud BI, custom visualizations, reports & dashboards, data modelling, data migration, governance, mobile BI, self-service tools and more.

  • What is the role of a Business Intelligence Consultant?

    A Business Intelligence Consultant plays key role to establish a data-driven strategy and enhance your internal business processes.

    A Business Intelligence Consultant would move step by step which often starts with identifying relevant data and metrics to analyse and suggesting a concrete BI roadmap. Further, they suggest best practices to share data insights with your business users.

    BI consultants/developers also write and run BI queries that support self-service BI users. They are good at building analytical data models, interactive data visualization reports and dashboards. This way BI consultants help organizations by recommending the best way to organize, analyze, and present data.

  • What are the benefits of engaging with a business intelligence consulting company?

    As a growing business, it is often overwhelming to handle all the development expertise in-house. It is critical to execute and implement your business intelligence roadmap. Businesses today look for faster real-time insights while saving cost & time so that can enhance their focus on the core business and achieve improved productivity and faster growth.

    An award-winning business intelligence consulting company like Beyond Key reduces your workload and helps streamline things for you while improving efficiency within your organization.

    Engaging with Beyond Key as your Business Intelligence consulting partner can benefit you with multiple aspects and ease out the work for you. We put your Businesses Objectives & Goals on first place and are passionate about updating you on the latest technological trends. We also offer you a collaborative, supportive, dedicated and result-driven approach.

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