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Route & Schedule Optimization Solution

The easiest and most efficient route planner for any daily-visit business.

Route & Schedule Optimization Solution

Get 100% efficiency out of your last mile employees by optimizing their everyday visit routes with this automated solution in minutes

  • Accurate & Cost Efficient
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Save fuel, time, and money
    • Run time optimization of each sales representative (rep)
    • Cover all visits in any area with accuracy and efficiency
    • No paperwork or manual process of chalking out route for each rep
    • Suggests shortest and most optimized route to cover all visits of the day
    • Efficiently plan each rep’s day ahead of time to eliminate last minute glitches
  • Flexible & Configurable Solution
    • Create monthly or annual visit schedule of reps in a single click
    • Cover schedule of unlimited reps in one click
    • Configure uniform gap between two visits to same customer
    • Configure maximum no. of visits in a day
    • Shows error if conditions like maximum no. of visits not fulfilled
    • Flexibility to increase or decrease gap between selected visits
    • Admin control authenticated by single sign on
    • Easy upload of excel covering master data to assign visit schedule
  • Amazing Statistics & Map Display
    • Day wise summary of total visits done, as well as total miles covered
    • Day wise color coded map to show areas covered with visit locations
    • Shows total visits statistics of each rep on the list
    • Visit sequence clarity with numbering
    • Shows average visit duration and time dedicated per day

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