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Master Data Deduplication

An effective solution to find duplicates in your database

Master Data Deduplication

AI-powered solution to remove all duplicates from your master data, marketing or mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s and more.

  • Prerequisite
    • Master data set
  • Features
    • Fuzzy logic to find similar records
    • Machine learning skills to learn similarity rules
    • Scalable to work with millions of records
    • Trained to work in multiple languages
    • Trained to find duplicates in multi-domain data
    • Find hard matches even if there are typos and abbreviations mistakes
  • Technologies used in Master Data Deduplication
    • Python
  • How it works
    • Input data from multiple data sources.
    • Train the algorithm to learn similarity rules.
    • Run the trained algorithm to find duplicates automatically.
    • Merge similar records and download the file.
Master Data Deduplication

Our Case Study

Data De-Dulication

Data-Deduplication Solution Powered with Machine Learning and Fuzzy Search

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