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Beyond Key - Tableau Consulting
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Beyond Key - Consulting
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Tableau Consulting Services

Simplify complex data sheets.Save Time.
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Beyond Key - Tableau Consulting Services

Unlock Real Value of Your Data

Having the ability to evaluate and comprehend raw data is critical for your business’s success. Tableau will enable you to accumulate information from many departments and generate reports using easy drag-and-drop functionality. But you’d need someone who can help you unearth critical information hidden deep in your data. This is where Beyond Key comes in. Our Tableau consulting services help you process & consume data efficiently in a visually interactive format using built-in data analytics capabilities of Tableau.

Through Beyond Key's Tableau consulting services, you can gain insights and find important information deep in your data. This is done by greatly improving your ability to process and use data efficiently in a visually interactive format using Tableau's built-in data analytics features.

What You Get

Data Visualization

Data Visualization: Insightful Tableau visualizations that tell a story and provides you with details you need to make better business decisions faster.

Reports and Dashboards development

Reports and Dashboards development: Carefully designed dashboards and customized reports for your target market, making them simple to interpret and interesting for end users.

Data Integration

Data Integration Unify various data silos and incorporate them into Tableau to get a complete picture of your business initiatives.

Data Maintenance

Data Maintenance Our Tableau consulting services backed by our support team, run and maintain large, mission-critical data with ease.

Self Service Reporting

Self Service Reporting Mine data yourself to maintain governance and security, optimize your data infrastructure and increase ROI on investments.

Handle Large Data

Handle Large Data Find that value in your company’s data and existing investments in those technologies, so your company gets the best out of its data.

But that’s not it... There's more

Can Handle Large Quantity Data

Can Handle Large Quantity Data

Intelligent Interface

Intelligent Interface

Access to Numerous Data Source

Access to Numerous Data Source

Comes with NLP Features

Comes with NLP Features

Device Specific Dashboards

Device Specific Dashboards

Support Python ML Capabilities

Support Python ML Capabilities

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Our Tableau consulting services

Our experience with Tableau covers all aspects of deployment, including

Data visualization - Recognize trends

building a good data model

Data visualization - Identify weaknesses

using Tableau's best-in-class visualization interface

Data visualization - Plan for the future

sharing dashboards on Tableau Online

Data visualization - Recognize trends

Tableau Consulting, and using Tableau's many products

Beyond Key’s Consulting Approach

Discovery Call

Discovery Call Our trained Tableau server professionals will get on call with you to identify business goals and prepare a strategic action plan to create, implement and customize the perfect data visualization tool for you.

Data Preparation & Integration

Data Preparation & Integration We will construct an ETL framework that not only unifies your data with 0 errors, but also includes data cleansing, transformation, and mapping. We will also thoroughly test a variety of data sources to obtain reliable data for analysis.

Tool Creation

Tool Creation We will then create data visualization tools for desktop and mobile reporting. These tools will enable dynamic and aesthetically pleasing data visualizations for websites and applications.

Onboard & Documentation

Onboard & Documentation With our Tableau consulting services, get Individualized counseling for seamless user onboarding and highlighting the key for scaling-up, troubleshooting, and solution demonstration for new users.

Interactive Dashboards For all Your Needs

Why Beyond Key as
Your Tableau Consultant?


End-to-End Consulting With our Tableau consulting, you can explore core performance optimizations as well as data trends and insights that will boost your productivity and scalability.

Power BI

Customized Dashboard Development Our Tableau Experts will create dashboards that will help you make quick business decisions thus saving a lot of time. Our dashboards display insights in rich visualization types such as charts, tables, heat maps, and much more.


Data Management We will deliver reliable, self-service analytics by expanding data automation and proper implementation over the full data and analytics lifecycle.


Performance Tuning You will get clarity on why your dashboard is not delivering and how to fix it for enhanced performance and productivity.


Tableau Go- Live Support You will get clarity on why your dashboard is not delivering and how to fix it for enhanced performance and productivity.

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Tableau Consulting Services

Our team of Tableau specialists gathers complex data from various sources and simplifies it into straightforward dashboards that let you see patterns and trends. As a result, businesses can make quick decisions and continuously enhance important indicators.

We Provide quick analytics that clients love to use, a reliable platform to unlock client data (and monetize solutions) and the strongest customer base in the sector.

Plan your BI journey with us!


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