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Best in Class OCR Insurance Document Management Solution

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness with Beyond Key's document management solutions. Our solutions will transform the way you operate and win big.

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Beyond Key - OCR Insurance Document Management Solution Services

The Dilemma for Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are facing a growing challenge:
the volume of paper documents they need to process is increasing exponentially. This is pressurizing resources and making it hard to keep up with customers' demands.

The Solution:
OCR Insurance document management solutions! It can help insurance companies like yours to overcome this challenge. With the insurance document management system, you can automatically extract data from paper documents, such as

OCR - Insurance - Claims formsClaims forms OCR - Insurance - Medical records Medical records OCR - Insurance - Policy documents Policy documents OCR - Insurance - Accord forms Accord forms

You can store this data in a central database, making it super easy to access and use.

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Who can Help? Beyond Key!

  • Beyond Key has been in the insurance document management business for multiple years.
  • We have a proven track record of success in helping insurance companies improve their document processing.
  • Our OCR insurance document management solutions are highly accurate and reliable.
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Document Management System That Will Help You
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What you get with Beyond Key

What you get with Beyond Key:

  • Automatic data extraction from paper documents: Save time and effort by automatically extracting data from paper documents.
  • Accurate and reliable OCR Insurance document management system: Time to be confident in the data that you're working with.
  • Massive range of features and customization options: Abundant features and customization options to fulfill your specific needs.

We also offer a variety of OCR Insurance management systems, including:

  • Claims management system: Streamline the claims process, from initial filing to final resolution.
  • Underwriting system: Assess risk and make informed decisions about whether to offer insurance to a potential customer.
  • Customer service system: Provide efficient and effective support to your customers.
Beyond Key - OCR Insurance management systems
Beyond Key - OCR Insurance document management software

Our OCR Insurance document management software can help you:

  • Save time: by automating tasks like data entry and document retrieval.
  • Improve accuracy: by reducing errors and misfiling.
  • Reduce costs: on paper, storage, and labor.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: by providing faster and accurate service.

Work Smarter.
Increase productivity.

Do More with Less

Go Green with Document Management

Document management systems can help insurance companies go green by reducing paper waste.

Here are some incredible environmental benefits of using document management systems:

reduce the amount of paper you use

Reduce paper waste

Document management systems can help you store your documents electronically, which can reduce the amount of paper you use. You can help save trees and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

Storing documents electronically

Save energy

Storing documents electronically can also save energy because it reduces the need to print and store paper documents. This is fruitful for the nature since it exponentially reduces energy usage to power printers and copiers.

OCR - Environment benefits

Reduce water use

Storing documents electronically can also reduce water use because it reduces the need to produce paper. Environment benefits as it reduces water usage to make paper.

Looking to go green?
Consider implementing a document management system. A perfect way to reduce your environmental impact while saving money.

5 Use Cases

OCR - Insurance - Claims processing Claims processing OCR - Insurance - Medical record management Medical record management OCR - Insurance - Policy document management Policy document management OCR - Insurance - Customer service Customer service OCR - Insurance - Sales Sales

No.1 OCR Insurance Document Management Solution
for All Your Needs

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  • What is OCR Insurance?

    OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. A technology that can be used to extract text from scanned documents. Insurance OCR is the use of OCR technology to process insurance documents, such as claims forms, medical records, and policies.

  • How does OCR insurance work?

    OCR insurance works by scanning documents into a computer. The OCR software then analyzes the scanned documents and extracts the text from them. The extracted text is then stored in a database, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as claims processing, fraud detection, and customer service.

  • What are the benefits of insurance OCR?

    The benefits of insurance OCR include:

    • Increased efficiency: OCR can automate many of the manual tasks involved in processing insurance documents. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity.
    • Improved accuracy: OCR can help to reduce errors in data entry. This leads to improved accuracy and compliance.
    • Reduced costs: OCR can help to reduce the costs associated with processing insurance documents. This can be achieved by reducing the need for manual labor and by improving efficiency.
  • What are the challenges to implementing insurance OCR?

    The challenges to implementing insurance OCR include:

    • The cost of implementing OCR software can be high.
    • The accuracy of OCR software can vary depending on the quality of the scanned documents.
    • OCR software can be complex to use and maintain.

    Despite these challenges, insurance OCR is a valuable tool to help improve the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of insurance operations. Click here to know more.

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