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Automotive Industry Solutions by Beyond Key

Transform your automotive business with our full spectrum of Automotive industry solutions

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Automotive manufacturers and their partners are confronting radical changes to their organizations with the rise of new digital innovations and the re-dissemination of worldwide supply chains. The automotive industry is a constantly progressing industry. It’s not just about moving vehicles. It has gone beyond with intelligence, high performance, eco-friendliness, audio video experience, telematics, mobility, social media, and analytics.

We help automotive organizations in reconsidering digitized business models with innovative solutions across the industry value chain, fueled by cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning.

Our Services

ERP Service for Automotive

With our team of experts, we help our automotive clients develop an enterprise system strategy, re-engineer business processes, and implement large-scale enterprise-wide programs. We help our clients to meet the requirements of the highly competitive automotive industry with effective ERP solutions. Work with us and utilize our robust ERP services to gain an integrated view of operations across different departments and maximize your return on IT investments.

Web Development

With expert engineering knowledge, supportive infrastructure, and a solid set of tools, we deliver robust web applications.

Dealer Business Management

Simplify dealer business management with complete visibility into day-to-day operations and inventory.

Order Fulfillment and Fleet Tracking

We develop and implement power-packed enterprise fleet management solutions. Get a unique solution for real-time order tracking using GPS and optimization of your delivery process integrated with your CRM.

App Development

With our team of experts, we offer best-in-class apps on various technology platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Service Part Management

Beyond Key helps companies understand the necessary strategies and IT requirements to achieve maximum results and profitability within their spare parts business unit and address issues in planning, procurement, warehouse operations, fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and repairs.

CRM for Automotive

We develop feature-rich CRM software for the automotive industry. It reduces the time used for customer-driven actions, resulting in increased business ROI and productivity. Increase revenue in your automotive business with our customer-centric CRM solutions.

Connected Cars and Vehicles

With our end-to-end, tailored approach, we help automakers deliver onboard and back-end systems necessary to create connected vehicles. We also provide integration with content providers, real-time vehicle diagnostic data, and overall program management.

Supply Chain Management

Experience modern supply chain methods and strategies to improve shipment visibility, measure transportation supplier performance, and to better respond to global service demands.

Leveraging cutting-edge Technologies for Advanced Automotive Solutions

Achieve next-level efficiency and increased productivity and drive business with innovative, cutting-edge technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual assistants to enhance connected in-car services and deliver personalized experiences.

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Internet of Things

Connect drivers and cars to deliver safer, more engaging in-vehicle experiences and gain insights for smarter product development.

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Why use an IT solution?

  • Minimize expenditures

  • Reduce waste

  • Quicker and more seamless manufacturing

  • Boost productivity

  • Customer service and satisfaction

  • Third party integration

  • Cloud storage

Benefits with Beyond Key

Faster time-to-market

Speed up your innovative ideas with our engineers so you can offer new features sooner.

Reduce costs

We Increase component re-use, so you can adhere to or beat deadlines and achieve greater cost savings.

Increase quality

With Beyond Key’s continually growing technical expertise with every new technology, increase the quality and maturity of software in the long term.

Reduce risk

We help to reduce risk in your digital journey through process improvements and greater transparency in software development.

Manage safety

With enormous experience in the Automotive industry, we handle the impact of Functional Safety through efficient execution of safety-critical projects.

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