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Data Management

Smart solution to give true meaning to your business data.

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Enterprise Data Management Services

What Is
Enterprise Data Management

As organisation grows bigger with time, the systems they are using tend to increase in number and so also their volume of daily data. Without a proper Data management system or a solid data strategy, organizations tend to underutilize the power of their data. The data which is gathered is unstructured and not refined and hence not usable to derive intelligent reports. Here is where Enterprise Data Management takes up the charge.

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is a big data approach that standardizes, publishes, and manages data adopted by businesses for accurate data management. EDM manages many business assets such as inventory numbers, graphics, financial information, social media, and internet of things data. EDM ensures companies find, access, store, and secure their data hassle-free.

What Is Enterprise Data Management
Enterprise Data Management Beneficial for you

Why Is
It Beneficial For You

Today companies are technically evolving, and so are cybercrime concerns. Imagine poor data management that results in poor data quality all because of manual errors. This will reduce the data's consistency, quality, and accuracy and hamper the company's overall growth. EDM's core objective is to simplify functions and protect the data. Sound data management leads to improved productivity, better workflow, and minimum security risks, with low chances of data loss. No wonder there has been a rapid increase in enterprise data management solutions across the globe.

Why you need Enterprise data management?

Enterprise data management

If You’re Still Not Convinced,
Read These Benefits of EDM

  • Sound data management helps businesses detect siloed or hidden data and assess risk levels.
  • With EDM, you can improve data management, quality refinement, and operational conclusions.
  • You also get to manage data, analytics, and streamlining workflow to improve the efficiency of processes by eliminating unnecessary work-related tasks.
Benefits of EDM

Let us Discuss Your EDM Requirements

Enterprise Data Management service offerings

Extract Load and Transfer (ETL)

Extract Load and Transfer (ETL)

Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management

Master data Management

Master data Management

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Data Governance

Data Governance

Data Integration

Data Integration
Extract Load and Transfer (ETL)

Extract Load and
Transfer (ETL)

As the acronym suggests, the process of ETL is simple. ETL helps to extracts required data or information from a source that is not optimized or structured for analytics, transforms it to optimized or structured format by doing necessary processing and then loads it to a centralized, analytics-optimized host.

Quality Management

Data Quality Management is also called DQM in short. It refers to identifying the highly valued data from the data piles and securing it for generating required analytics. DQM helps to an organization to focus on discovering underlying challenges in its data and fix them through processes such as data cleansing, integrity checks, enrichment, and quality assurance.

Data Quality Management
Master Data Management

Data Management

Before moving steps ahead for analysis of data, it is important to remove duplicates, identify relationships between pairs of data and cleanse it thoroughly so accurate business outcomes are achieved. Master Data Management (MDM) is that step in the process of EDM which help ensure that a company uses only one version of data that is true. All the other smaller data labels are relationally attached to the Master data.


Data warehousing refers to the process of storing large collection of data in organized manner which is used by organisation in its decision-making processes. Data warehouses can be either on-premise or cloud-based. Data warehouse as the name refers- houses data from multiple sources before sending it for processing for analytics, reporting and other Business intelligence usage. Data from disparate sources is extracted, transformed and loaded on to the DW to get single version of truth.

Data Warehouse
Data Governance


Just like other processes within Data services, data governance holds its value to make the right data accessible to right people with required user permissions. Data flow within the organisation from internal to external resources is allocated to maintain data accessibility and internal accountability. Data governance is very important from the data security and compliance point of view.


In large enterprises, various systems are used for departments and processes. Data is stored in each one of them making it a complex process of unifying the data to get a single source of truth. Data integration makes data actionable, valuable, and accessible to anybody who needs it by providing a uniform source. Other benefits of data integration include improved system collaboration and unification, time savings, reduced rework and errors, and the assurance of useful data for decision-making.

Data Integration

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Our EDM Process

  • We will conduct a detailed research about your priorities
  • Find ways to accomplish them through EDM implementation
  • Establish correct methods to calculate success while defining short-term and long-term goals.
Data Processing

For enterprise data management's success, we frame a specified process to satisfy the needed measures while safeguarding your data.


We assess your IT infrastructure carefully to ensure enterprise data management solutions that befit you. Moreover, we will integrate data and business strategies with latest technologies and tools.


We create a roadmap where our professionals ensure your business avoids pitfalls and implement EDM smoothly.

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