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License and Subscription Management System

Get clear visibility into License and subscription details of your products and solutions.

Route & Schedule Optimization Solution

Get rid of manually managing your product's licenses and subscription schedules.

Improve revenue with our eCommerce and cloud-integrated module to get subscription fulfillment simplified.

  • Products
    • Manage complete products and pricing lists easily by admin panel
    • Bulk Upload of products, pricing, attributes, etc. can be done
    • Easily create recurring products by single click – monthly, weekly, annual recurring schedules can be set
    • Add multiple product images to create a portfolio
    • Manage reviews/ ratings
    • Manage discounts coupons
  • Database
    • Can be integrated with a website, AppSource, or any other office store to facilitate product purchasing
    • Database managed on Azure
    • Can be installed on-premises or on cloud as per your need
    • Highly flexible and can easily be customized as per business needs
  • Subscription renewal
    • Uses product model number to check if subscription plan is expiring or near to expiry
    • Push notifications can be sent when a subscription is near to expiry or auto-renewal is due.
    • User can purchase as a Guest or registered user
    • Cancellation of the subscription is also be managed
  • Payment
    • A highly secured system with payment processing
    • Customization can be done for the integration of third-party payment systems like Stripe, Paypal, etc...
    • User can update card details easily
    • Invoice generated and notification is sent to the user after payment confirmation
  • Dashboard
    • Intuitive dashboard available to get summary and detailed reports
    • A unified view of several popular reports is available
      • orders
      • new customers
      • product-wise history
      • recurring product reports
      • Bestseller by Quantity
      • Bestseller by Amount
      • and several other reports

Framework Architecture

License and Subscription Management System
License and Subscription Management System


1. How can I add new products and make their payment recurring?

We can easily add new products using the user-friendly Admin panel of the eCommerce system. Go to >Catalog> products> here you get an option to add a new product.

Also, you can easily make the product payment recurring by checking on the recurring payment option with each product.

2. Which eCommerce platform does this system use?

We have used a Free and open-source eCommerce NopCommerce platform. There is no product limitation even with the free version of the tool. The only limitation with the free version will be the copyright removal key which can be used only with the paid version of the platform.

3. Can this be hosted on On-premises or cloud?

Yes, it can be hosted On-premises or cloud.

4. Can I apply discounts on my products? If yes, how.

Yes, you can apply discounts using coupon codes.

5. Which payment gateway is used here and is this customizable?

Here Stripe is used to processing payments safely. But other 3rd party payment processing systems can also be integrated.

6. Is this system secured and how can we ensure it is?

We have used SSL to provide advanced-level security. Users can only access the system with their specific credentials. Customer card details are not saved within the system and they are secured with the payment gateway.

7. Is this a ready to plug-in and play kind of solution or I can customize based on my needs?

This system is almost 80% plugin and play but 20% customization based on your environment will be required before final deployment.

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