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OCR Services:
Elevate Your Business Capabilities with Unparalleled Precision

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Unlock the Potential of Adaptive Intelligence with Our Leading OCR Services

Settle for nothing less than the best OCR service that does more than just fill in the blanks. Your business demands an OCR service that melds precision and intuition in every scan.

Experience the difference with our OCR services. We don't just scan - we correct, we enhance, we perfect. Accelerate your operations, improve your accuracy - our OCR services are not just a tool, they're a game-changer.

This isn't about enhancing existing information. It's about revolutionizing it.

It's about employing OCR data solutions to make better, faster decisions.

Invest in an OCR company that offers powerful OCR solutions, and your ROI will soar beyond expectations.

With Beyond Key's OCR services, stand apart and above in front of your customers.

Convert Visual Files into Actionable,
Valuable Data with Our OCR Services

Turn Time into a Valuable Asset, Not a Liability.

Say goodbye to tedious manual processing. Five minutes per document? Not with our OCR software.
Experience OCR technology that supercharges document recognition speed - 40X faster than manual retyping.

Beyond Key - Save Time

Save Time: OCR technology allows document recognition 40X faster than manual retyping.

Beyond Key - Reduce costs

Reduce costs: Our OCR software eliminates manual labour and reduces paper-based processes, leading to substantial cost savings.

Beyond Key - Enhance speed

Enhance speed: With our OCR solutions, paperwork is processed at lightning speed. Convert any volume or form of data into structured text in record time.

Beyond Key - Provide accuracy

Provide accuracy: Trust our OCR application's advanced pattern recognition technology to extract even the smallest details from scanned documents with over 98% accuracy.

Discover How Our OCR Service Saves You Time and Money.

Experience OCR Magic Today

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business Process with OCR?

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OCR in Action: Use Cases

Witness the transformative power of our OCR services across various scenarios:

Claim Request Forms

Boost customer experience and slash claim processing time. Extract faster, more accurate data from unstructured claim documents. Automate claims management & compliance. Turn claim documents into actionable, decision-worthy data.


Empower your accounts payable staff & operations team with automated invoice extraction. Save hours spent manually extracting data from invoices, even those not in a standardised format. Lower operational costs, reduce turnaround time - that's the Beyond Key OCR service difference.

Bank Statements

Transform PDF bank statements into editable text in minutes. Streamline the lending process by extracting granular level data from multipage tables with our OCR application.


Ensure smooth data extraction and smart validation in real-time. Process data faster from documents with improved accuracy, less setup requirement, and better turnaround time.

Technologies Powering Our OCR Services

Our OCR services are driven by the most advanced technologies in the market:

Azure Form Recognizer Azure Form Recognizer

A powerful tool that extracts text, key-value pairs, and tables from documents to make your data accessible and usable.

Azure Cognitive Search Azure Cognitive Search

An AI-powered cloud search service for mobile and web app development that utilizes OCR capabilities to unlock unstructured data.

Azure OCR Read Azure OCR Read

A robust service that extracts printed and handwritten text from images and documents, transforming them into machine-readable character streams.

AWS Textract AWS Textract

An OCR service that automatically extracts formatted text, tables, and forms from scanned documents, making it easy to analyze and query your data.

Google Cloud Vision OCR Google Cloud Vision OCR

This service uses machine learning to identify and extract text from images, helping you to understand and structure your visual data.

Python Python

A versatile programming language widely used in AI and machine learning, including for building and implementing OCR systems.

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  • What is OCR services?

    OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology offered by various OCR companies, designed to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera, into editable and searchable data. OCR services offer comprehensive OCR solutions, which include OCR software and OCR applications. These services help to streamline business processes, improve data accessibility, and enhance operational efficiency in various industries. The best OCR service provides high accuracy, robust data security, and excellent customer support, making it a key component in modern OCR data solutions.

  • What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

    Optical character recognition (OCR) is a business solution that helps enterprises to automate data extraction from printed or written text from a scanned document or image file. OCR convert the text into a machine-readable form to be used for data processing like editing or searching.

  • What business challenges does OCR address?

    Today, many companies manually extract data from scanned documents and thus consider documents processing to involve the most manual work out of all back-office functions.

    Thanks to the OCR software, as it eliminates manual and expensive processes by minimizing the costs related to the human factor. OCR software automates work in companies and public institutions providing quick access to key data from various sources including graphic documents, PDFs, paper documents, e-mails, faxes and more. An OCR software, when tailor-made, can be trained or configured to automatically read and process any type of document, while accurately extracting text, handwriting, tables and other data without any manual effort.

  • How can OCR help my business?

    An enterprise grade system like Azure Form Recognizer can be leveraged to automate your data processing, enhance your data-driven strategies, and enrich document search capabilities.

    However, a custom-built OCR solution based on your business needs, applications and workflows enables you to quickly automate document processing and act on the information extracted. For example, to automate loans processing or to extract information from invoices and receipts.

  • How does OCR technology work?

    Using OCR technology, an application extracts and analyzes form fields, text, and tables from your documents and converts them into a machine-readable format. Smart document processing solutions including OCR software uses machine learning models to analyze your forms and documents, extract text and data, map field relationships as key-value pairs, and returns a structured JSON output.

    There are quite many solutions available in the OCR software market that leverage OCR technology to provide automated document processing solutions that enable you to quickly get accurate results that are tailored to your specific content without excessive manual intervention or extensive data science expertise.

    Form Recognizer can also be used to automate your data processing in applications and workflows, enhance data-driven strategies, and enrich document search capabilities.

    Form Recognizer easily identifies, extracts, and analyzes document data including:

    • Table structure and content
    • Form elements and field values.
    • Typed and handwritten alphanumeric text.
    • Relationships between elements.
    • Key/value pairs
    • Element location with bounding box coordinates.
  • Which technologies are used for automate document processing?

    Business Solutions like Microsoft 365 tools and Azure Form Recognizer are a few of the commonly used technology solutions that leverage AI and machine learning models to extract and analyze form fields, text, and tables from your documents.

  • How document processing tools capture data from scanned documents?

    Azure Form Recognizer analyzes your forms and documents, extracts text and data, maps field relationships as key-value pairs, and returns a structured JSON output. You quickly get accurate results that are tailored to your specific content without excessive manual intervention or extensive data science expertise.

    Similarly, Amazon Textract, a machine learning service that automatically extracts text, handwriting and data from scanned documents that goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to identify and extract data from forms and tables.

    Textract uses machine learning to read and process any type of document, accurately extracting text, handwriting, tables and other data without any manual effort.

  • How fast an OCR processes documents to capture/extract data?

    (We are using cloud-based services and hosting) An enterprise grade OCR solution can extract the data in minutes vs. hours or days in case of manual typing. A fast secretary types some 200 characters per minute whereas the fastest OCR software recognizes some 1,600 characters per second.

  • How much accuracy does an OCR solution provide?

    For any business, the accuracy of the converted data is important. However, the accuracy of an OCR software depends on how often a character is recognized correctly versus how often a character is recognized incorrectly. Most OCR software offer 98 to 99 percent accuracy. When the accuracy is measured at the page level 98-99% accuracy would mean that 980 to 990 characters will be accurate in a page of 1,000 characters. It is often fairly acceptable in most cases and can be combined with human feedback for better results.

  • Does document processing with OCR need human intervention?

    Although many OCR solutions claim about it but no data extraction model is 100% accurate. Hence, in certain cases, it is important to use a supervised learning model to improve the accuracy of your document processing workflow. Many solutions out there encompass a layer of human intervention often called as a human-in-the-loop that reviews any document that is flagged in red. Higher the number of documents that are processed and reviewed, higher is the accuracy level of the data extraction model.


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