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10 Must-Have Fleet Management App Features in 2022

According to a study by Mckinsey, the global market for fleet telematics hardware, software, and services is forecast to grow at around 23 percent per annum for the next six years, becoming a $75 billion industry by 2025. 

While tools like order delivery tracking apps serve as a useful aid for enterprises; GPS tracking, integrated mapping solutions, vehicle maintenance management systems, mobile workforce, and sales force management provide easy-to-use dynamic communications between dispatch and drivers when they are out on the road. 

Another useful tool in fleet telematics space includes GPS Tracking Apps that have revolutionized several businesses with a range of additional benefits like monitoring and communicating location, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and other data. Technologies like these bring a promising future for many organizations helping them improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their fleet operations and maximize the productivity of their drivers.  

What is Fleet Management App? 

Fleet Management App

Fleet Management App offers a set of tools that enable businesses that rely on cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles while providing them visibility into their fleet operations along with near real-time GPS tracking and telematics data. GPS fleet tracking is done by enabling vehicle tracking devices installed in the work trucks that let them see exactly what their mobile fleet is doing.  

Fleet management apps often provide GPS fleet tracking as a part of their package. It is also now been sold as a standalone mobile application that helps enterprises or their staff to locate drivers, respond to emergencies quickly and get near real-time tracking of your truck, asset, field service, crew, and job data. Fleet management apps also provide maintenance alerts, performance reporting, and asset monitoring. AI and driver data join forces to help you coach drivers and mitigate risk. 

Who uses the fleet management app? 

Fleet management apps are often used to streamline fleet management for enterprises that rely on cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles. It is often useful for organizations that belong to industries like  Automotive Aftermarket, Building Materials, Wholesale and Distribution, Public Sector, Telecoms Service, Mobile Workforce, and more. 

Many enterprises leverage fleet management mobile apps that are integrated directly with the order delivery tracking suite to have an effective point-of-delivery solution. This helps them capture order status updates, proof of delivery, electronic signatures, delivery pictures, order notes, and more.  

Top 10 features that your Fleet Management Software must-have:: 

  1. GPS fleet tracking: Fleet Management app offers GPS fleet tracking which enables your delivery staff to see the exact location of a delivery vehicle in real-time and relate the information against the actual delivery position. Businesses can easily retrace vehicle movements to determine delivery times, route verification, and cost calculations.
  2. Turn-by-turn Navigation: Using turn-by-turn navigation, truck drivers can get directions to their destination based on their vehicle class. It notifies them to avoid driving on restricted roads and get turn-by-turn truck GPS       navigation without the hassle. Drivers can receive truck routing based on vehicle type and get updates on obstacles. They can also see verified drivers’ feedback on road conditions.  
  3. Delivery Tracking: The delivery tracking feature provides easy-to-use dynamic communications between dispatch and drivers while out on the road. It helps enterprises enhance customer service and communications by providing real-time visibility of order scheduling and delivery status information
  4. Integration with Order Delivery Tracking system: Integration of Order Delivery Tracking (ODT) system preferably with rest of the fleet management mobile app can empower teams to track vehicles, ETAs, compliance, and fuel use. It is even helpful to coach your drivers with scorecards and dashcam footage and offers commercial navigation and roadside assistance for drivers and improves route planning and driver schedules.
  5. Proof of Delivery: The Proof of Delivery (POD) feature helps automate and streamline the documentation of delivery. POD mobile application eliminates paperwork and captures the relevant data and pictures to verify the delivery of an ordered whole or in part and any damage.
  6. Automatic Real-Time Delivery Status Updates:  Automatic status updates enables to get real-time data such as customer info and order. By using real-time tracking, drivers are able to avoid high-traffic areas and opt for more accurate and precise routes.
  7. Electronic Logging Device (ELD): With the Electronic Logging Device feature, fleet management app helps monitor driver behaviors with harsh driving alerts, help reduce spending using idling reports, help improve response time by viewing all trucks on a live map when a vehicle moves, stops or idles, so fleet managers can have better control over their fleet performance.  
  8. Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports:  With driver vehicle inspection reports, fleet management app enables drivers to complete and submit daily vehicle inspections via an in-vehicle tablet. The device electronically details pre-trip and post-trip checks and sends a digital report directly to fleet managers.
  9. Equipment Fuel Logging: Effective Fuel Management is important to maintain, control & monitor the storage and consumption of fuel. Equipment fule logging within a fleet management app ensures the best utilization of resources and allows businesses to reduce costs to a large extent. 
  10. Equipment Incident Reporting: With an effective incident reporting system within your fleet management app, you can quickly and thoroughly report accidents, making it simple to identify risks. Keeping all accident data in one place, businesses can keep ahead of the risks, get instant visibility of repairs and downtime to ensure your assets are up and running again quickly and safely. 

  With a Fleet management app installed on your mobile, you can not only manage your fleet on the go but also take your fleet management system with you wherever you go. A fleet management app is a great way to streamline fleet operations, easily communicate with drivers, and respond quickly to changing job requests. 

 Fleet tracking app can also include integrated features such as mapping tools for job/order combining, GPS tracking for increased resource visibility, dynamic geofencing for automatic order status updates, vehicle maintenance records for preventative maintenance tracking, order entry/point of sale to eliminate manual data entry. 

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