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AI-Powered Medical Assistants- Healthcare bots!

“In the near future, chances are high that instead of consulting a doctor for a diagnosis, you might just communicate with an AI-powered healthcare bots in a mobile app and get suitable prescription or appointment.

Consumers today expect that with continuous updates in digital trends- technology should not only be fast, but readily available and intuitive as well. We are constantly using smartphones, tablets and other devices to search for information, we need. Getting and sharing information has been on fingertips just because of the latest technology updates. Even the Healthcare informatics professionals are no different.

For the past decade, robots have been performing all kind of tasks which were once exclusive to humans only. But now they are being utilized in almost everything like from manufacturing cars to managing inventories and billing and much more. As the digital age is experiencing continuous evolution in AI and neural networks – devices are busy perfecting their interpersonal communication skills.

Chatbots have become more commonplace, even in healthcare and these are also called healthcare bots! In the near future, chances are high that instead of consulting a doctor for a diagnosis, you might just communicate with an AI-powered healthcare bot in a mobile app and get a suitable prescription or appointment.

How can Healthcare chatbots benefit Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare services face a huge challenge of supply-and-demand which you can fix when you create a chatbot. The role of chatbots in healthcare can be well utilized to help free-up valuable physician-time by reducing or eliminating unnecessary doctor’s appointments. With costs increasing daily, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to keep them down while improving the patient experience. Not to mention a global shortage of healthcare professionals makes it increasingly necessary for us to augment care with technology in order to allow doctors to focus on more critical patient needs.

Voice Chatbots are no doubt, a big boon to the complete healthcare industry which can save on time, efforts and cost but extra attention should be given to the functionalities that are automated. A simple mistake in this area can be life-threatening. Adoption of these chatbots is yet another big question. We as consumers need to be comfortable trusting on the new technology for diagnosing health issues.

Let us now check out what all a Healthcare Bots can and should do for you?

1. An effective chatbot must be available 24/7, understand what patients need, and engage them in conversation while providing responses and guidance to resources, along with personalized, intelligent recommendations.

2. Chatbots and AI are only successful if they have access to the right data. Healthcare organizations should possess a large inventory of FAQs based on data from online forms, emails, and call centers. Over time, as more and more patients interact with them, chatbots will become smarter in answering questions and evaluating conversations.

3. With current knowledge, it is safest to use medical chatbots for scheduling doctor appointments based on the severity of the symptoms, monitoring the health status and notifying a human nurse immediately if the parameters are out of control, helping homecare assistants stay informed about patients’ evolution. This may also be called as replacing the work of customer service representatives!

4. These intelligent assistants can also be utilized to take care of billing, inventory, and insurance claims management etc.

5. If chatbots expect to become part of the medical system, they must follow the same rules as any other software pieces and pass privacy and security check-ups. In the US, they must be HIPAA compliant to ensure the patient’s personal information is received and stored in a way that is not directly exposed to hackers.

6. Not only patients but doctors too can enjoy the benefits of having a chatbot by their side. It can easily replace databases with medicine interactions and dosage calculators. Furthermore, such uses can make the database richer and the chatbot smarter.

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