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A Little Synchronization Can Pay Big Dividends

“Having your Human Resource (HR) system communicate with your business’ Active Directory (AD) makes sense, but is it simple, realistic, or affordable for improved synchronization?”

The answer is YES! Using BeyondKey’s HR Active Directory Connect, you can seamlessly sync employee data with Microsoft Active Directory.

Why do you need BeyondKey’s HR Active Directory Connect?

Nobody’s Active Directory is perfect. Users are an ever-changing group —they switch jobs, phone numbers, departments, and projects. While users are aware of these changes, sometimes IT isn’t, ultimately rendering your Active Directory out of date and obsolete.

That’s where BeyondKey’s HR Active Directory Connect comes into play. Synchronize user information from your HR systems (Workday, factoHR, ADP, BambooHR, and more) to Active Directory. Every month, every week, every day, as often as you need, our tool checks your HR system for changes and brings them over to Active Directory. You can set your custom frequency to sync information.

If you’ve got data stored in a complicated HR system and you use Active Directory too, it’s tedious to cross verify and map two databases when they are significant.

We have a solution to your problem- “BeyondKey’s HR Active Directory Connect” updates both systems when they change in one. It’s simple, effective, and reliable.

What do you need to start?

All you need is an HR system and an on-premise Active Directory. Our tool will do the rest of the work for you. The best part is that our tool works with various HR systems, like Workday, BambooHR, ADP, and more.

How will you benefit from improved synchronization?

  • Maintain consistent data in both systems to avoid confusion and save time.
  • No more import/export of employee information.
  • Works with a variety of HR systems so that you can keep your existing one.
  • Your Active Directory is updated so as your Outlook, Skype, and other Microsoft products.
  • It is robust, time-efficient, and cost-effective.

At BeyondKey, we provide you with a convenient, reliable, and customizable solution based on your synchronization requirements. Buy HR Active Directory Connect now!


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