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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Better Customer Engagement?

Happy customers tend to spend more. 43% of people will pay extra for better convenience.  

And, among U.S. consumers, 65% find a positive experience with a business to be more influential than great advertising. 

However, fewer people are staying loyal to brands now. 54% of U.S. consumers say customer experience at most companies needs improvement. 

It’s super important to keep customers happy to make them stick around. 

That’s where Dynamics Customer Engagement comes in. 

As a complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement gives you the tools to cut through the noise and create lasting bonds with your customers. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the key benefits Dynamics Customer Engagement provides, including: 

  • Increased sales productivity 
  • Improved marketing ROI 
  • Enhanced customer service 
  • Complete view of customer interactions 
  • Flexible and intuitive interface 
  • Actionable insights and reporting 

We’ll also uncover how Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solves organizations’ most pressing pain points when managing customer relationships. 

The Problem: Difficulty Building Strong Customer Relationships 

Many businesses struggle to build lasting relationships with customers. Why is this so challenging? 

  • Data is siloed across multiple systems. Important customer information lives in separate systems like email, spreadsheets, accounting software, etc. This makes it hard to get a complete view of customers. 
  • Marketing and sales aren’t aligned. The sales team doesn’t have visibility into marketing campaigns. They end up wasting time chasing the wrong leads. 
  • Support lacks key insights. Agents can’t access customer history or important context. It’s difficult to deliver personalized service. 
  • Leads fall through the cracks. Without automated workflows, valuable leads aren’t efficiently followed up and nurtured. 

Lack of customer insights and alignment across teams makes it almost impossible to engage customers in a meaningful way. The result? Declining satisfaction, lost sales opportunities, and greater customer churn. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement helps solve these problems and more. 

The Solution: Unified Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement 

D365 customer engagement is versatile. It brings together marketing, sales, customer service, and other teams onto a single platform. This gives everyone a shared view of customer interactions across touchpoints. 

With Dynamics 365, you can: 

  • Unify data from all sources for complete customer profiles 
  • Enable personalized experiences using predictive insights 
  • Automate processes to capture and nurture every opportunity 
  • Track performance with real-time analytics and reporting 
  • Collaborate across teams to align around customer needs 
  • Flexible and configurable, tailored to your business 

Let’s explore some specific benefits and capabilities… 

Drive Growth with AI-Powered Insights 

Dynamics 365 taps into artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover customer insights you would miss otherwise. 

The system analyzes data from your CRM, website, social channels, and other sources. It identifies patterns in customer behaviors and predicts which customers are likely to churn, respond to cross-sells, or have emerging needs. 

With these insights, your teams can: 

  • Target high-value customer segments with tailored marketing campaigns 
  • Surface hot prospects so sales can prioritize effectively 
  • Deliver hyper-relevant recommendations timed during moments that matter 
  • Proactively address issues that might lead customers to defect 

You have a huge competitive advantage when you can anticipate what customers want. Dynamics crm 365 customer engagement puts that power directly in your hands. 

Know more about AI capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement and insights. 

Convert More Leads with Intelligent Nurturing 

Many leads slip through the cracks because there’s no structured nurturing process. Dynamics 365 fixes this issue. 

Sophisticated marketing automation tools let you define rules-based workflows to interact with leads. When a lead enters your system, you can deliver personalized content based on interests and behavior. 

Dynamics 365 helps you: 

  • Automatically assign leads to the right sales rep 
  • Track lead activity across channels to gauge interest 
  • Trigger emails when a lead hits key milestones 
  • Identify when a lead is sales-ready and alert reps 
  • Integrate seamlessly with email systems like Outlook 

With automated lead nurturing, you can convert significantly more leads into sales—no more missed opportunities due to lack of follow-through. 

Get a demo of Dynamics 365 marketing automation and lead scoring.

Align Sales and Marketing for Peak Performance

Misalignment between sales and marketing teams is another huge problem. When marketing passes unvetted leads to sales, or campaigns don’t sync with rep workflows, deals stall and pipelines shrink. 

Dynamics 365 improves alignment by giving both teams visibility into the entire pipeline. 

Sales can see which campaign leads come from and access their digital body language. Marketers get alerts when leads become sales-qualified and deals close. 

With Dynamics 365, you can: 

  • Identify your best-performing campaigns 
  • Build targeted campaigns around customer lifecycle 
  • Enable programmatic advertising using customer insights 
  • Attribute revenue directly to campaigns and activities 

Shared data, metrics, and context help sales and marketing collaborate seamlessly. This drives rapid growth at every stage. 

Learn more about Dynamics 365 sales and marketing alignment 

Deliver 5-Star Service Experiences 

Customer service is a key differentiator that either attracts or pushes customers away. Dynamics 365 customer engagement plan enables exceptional support through: 

  • Omnichannel engagement via phone, email, chat, SMS, and social 
  • Knowledge base with articles for self-service support 
  • Case management with routing rules and SLA enforcement 
  • Access to full customer history and order data 
  • Sentiment analysis to gauge satisfaction 
  • Chatbots to handle common inquiries 

Empowered with these capabilities, your agents can resolve issues quickly and accurately. Customers are happier as a result. 

For example, agents don’t have to ask for basic information when they have customer context repeatedly. Sentiment analysis lets you identify brand detractors proactively. Chatbots route simple issues to self-service. 

The result? Lower support costs, reduced response times, and much greater customer retention. 

See Dynamics 365 customer service capabilities in action 

Unlock Efficiency with Automated Workflows 

Dynamics 365 comes packed with 100+ pre-built workflows that help automate redundant tasks. You can also create custom workflows spanning departments. 

For instance, you could set up workflows to: 

  • Create support tickets from negative social mentions 
  • Trigger appointment reminders for sales reps 
  • Notify production when orders are approved 
  • Assign high-value leads to certain sales reps 
  • Resurface stalled opportunities for managers 
  • Update customer data in external systems 

Whatever workflows bog down your team, Dynamics 365 can streamline them. Removing repetitive manual work enables employees to focus on delivering value during interactions. 

Learn more about Dynamics 365 workflow automation 

Get a Unified View with Integrated Business Central 

For many businesses, financial data in systems like Business Central provides critical context for customer engagements. 

Dynamics 365 seamlessly bridges the gap by enabling out-of-the-box integration with Business Central. Key data flows between the two solutions automatically. 

With this connection, your team can: 

  • View customer credit status and purchase history 
  • Access order and payment details when managing accounts 
  • Enrich customer profiles with sales and P&L data 
  • Get a 360-degree customer view spanning CRM and ERP 

No more toggling between fragmented systems or relying on stale, manually exported data. Dynamics 365 and Business Central give you a real-time unified view. 

Learn more about Dynamics 365 and Business Central integration 

Why Choose Dynamics Customer Engagement and Beyond Key? 

As you can see, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a seriously powerful tool for supercharging customer engagement across your organization. 

But the right software is only part of the equation. You also need an experienced partner to help you configure, customize, and extend Dynamics 365 to meet your unique needs. 

That’s where Beyond Key comes in. 

Beyond Key is a proven Dynamics 365 expert and Microsoft Gold Partner with decades of experience implementing Dynamics solutions for organizations in all industries. 

When you choose Beyond Key, you get: 

  • Comprehensive Dynamics 365 capabilities spanning sales, marketing, service, and more 
  • Certified Dynamics consultants who become an extension of your team 
  • Tailored customizations and integrations aligned with your goals 
  • Industry-specific solutions and expertise 
  • Change management consulting for seamless adoption 
  • Ongoing support and training so you get the most from your investment 

Beyond Key is dedicated to your success with Dynamics 365 at every step. Our experts work as trusted advisors to realize rapid return on investment and transform how you engage customers. 

The Bottom Line 

Good customer engagement examples are key to a business’s success now and in the future. The customer experience management market is booming – it’s expected to be worth $11.4 billion in 2023 and grow to $20.4 billion by 2028. 

Are you ready to unlock the power of Dynamics CRM 365 customer engagement for your business? Let’s connect today to explore the possibilities.