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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM benefits Automotive Industry

Stay competitive in the automotive industry today by building a strong relationship with the customers. To support our automotive retail clients, we help them stay in touch with their customers through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

The CRM provides a powerful tool for capturing, managing, and successfully utilizing customer information in a dealership’s marketing and sales activities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Automotive Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Automotive is an open system that integrates with other business applications such as an ERP or an automotive dealership management system (DMS).

Dynamics CRM for Automotive implements precise retailer requirements with minimal development and management costs as a fully open business cloud platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automotive CRM benefits include:

AI and Machine learning

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution allows data flows from various sources
  • MS Dynamics uses AI to help the organization predict decisions about how many cars to order and the life cycle of a specific vehicle
  • Automotive companies can integrate AI with customer management, manufacturing equipment management, and vendor management
  • Monitor the car’s performance on the road.

Financial Accounting

  • Full integration with other application areas to ensure you can connect and analyze your financial data in real-time
  • Financial accounting, financial planning, and cash flow management match the client company code, cost center, cost object, and other dimensions.

Improve Productivity

  • Receive a consolidated view of operations and access to mobile and virtual reality tools to monitor and resolve issues remotely through Dynamics CRM
  • Create personalized sales documents using familiar Office 365 tools
  • Leveraging a rich, event-driven sales process, prioritizing workloads, viewing relevant and contextual documents, and working offline on phones and tablets to improve productivity
  • Develop greater visibility and an accurate view of the buying cycle to ensure procurement always stays within the indicated quantity and price level.

Employee Productivity and Efficiency

  • Collect and analyze data from connected products and equipment
  • Empower employees to collaborate more efficiently
  • Automate processes across the automotive lifecycle and improve the cycle of innovation
  • Provide employees with a 360-degree view of customer assets and work order, test drives, and their buying history to understand customers and their needs better
  • Enable instant feedback from machine learning algorithms for successful troubleshooting and maintenance.

Customer Service and Engagement

  • Adopt a customer-centric approach while optimizing operations
  • Create and deliver personalized content that customers can access anywhere and anytime
  • Offer value-added services to complement car sales and improve customer relationships.

Real-Time Insights

  • Simplify business process changes by seamlessly integrating legacy systems
  • Accelerate your growth by scaling these processes at your own pace
  • Achieve a consolidated view to unify process oversight
  • Institutionalize efficiency gains by monitoring and resolving issues remotely

Equip technicians with mobile and virtual reality tools that can enable intelligent coordination while minimizing costly engagements.

Custom-built Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM:

An automotive company can also have a custom-built Dynamics 365 Automotive CRM. Talk to us at Beyond Key Systems to see how we can help build this custom solution for you.

All automotive companies have their own needs and workflows. Furthermore, no institution wants to change its process just to fit the limits of the software. It is so valuable to have an excellent customizable CRM for your team.

Few screenshots of our custom-built Dynamics 365 CRM for the Automotive Industry:

  • You can Integrate the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite of tools with Dynamics CRM. Furthermore, you can access them all in the same Dynamics Instance on the Microsoft App Loader:

Office 365 App Starter

  • Access all your custom entities and categories anytime you wish:

Dynamics 365 CRM Menu

  • Design different views based on specific entities and fields to access them directly in a single view:

Dynamics 365 Sales Lead List

  • Create multiple dashboards, charts, and views based on custom entities and fields to analyze your organization’s performance:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dashboards and Reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for the Automotive Industry Conclusion:

Beyond Key understands the significant difference Dynamics 365 can make to an automotive company, streamlining their workflow and improving car sale management, test drive management, and other Inquiries. To learn more about what Beyond Key Systems can do for your automotive company, contact us today to help you set up a Dynamics 365 setup customized for your automotive company.