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How Much Does Power BI Consulting Cost?

So you have decided to opt for power bi consulting services. And want to know how much power bi consulting cost too.

You need someone to help you visualize data through interactive dashboards. But how much does it cost to build a custom Power BI dashboard? Or say power bi consulting cost? What factors impact pricing?

At Beyond Key, we have designed hundreds of Power BI solutions for clients across industries. Today we break down the typical power bi consulting cost range. Plus, key elements that determine your Power BI dashboard development cost.

I’m thrilled you stopped by because this quick read will tell you everything about Power BI consulting cost.

What Does a Power BI Consultant Do?

Power BI consulting cost totally depends on consultants. So who are they? 

They are specialists who help companies implement Microsoft’s business intelligence platform. They help analyze data and extract impactful insights. To deliver an awesome for you.Power BI consulting services

Well, they perform a wide range of power bi consulting services including:

  • Installation & Configuration – Consultants set up the Power BI platform, connect data sources like SQL databases, configure security protocols and policies to control access. 
  • Data Modeling – They help design, architect and build data models that allow complex queries, customized visualization and optimal system performance. 
  • Dashboard Development – Based on business needs, consultants create interactive Power BI dashboards with charts, graphs and other data visualizations to track KPIs. 
  • User Training – They provide training to employees on using dashboards and reports to promote data literacy and adoption across the organization. 
  • Troubleshooting – Consultants troubleshoot issues proactively to maximize uptime and respond to support tickets for Power BI accidents or glitches.

Several aspects play a role in arriving at your Power BI dashboard cost:

Data Complexity
The structure, volume, and number of data sources significantly impact effort. Clean, well-organized data in a single system is simpler to model. Multiple legacy systems with complex, disconnected data take more work.

Visualization Complexity
Simple grids, bar charts, line charts, cards and KPIs are fast to build. Advanced visuals like funnel charts, sankey diagrams, maps, animations etc. take more time. The more complex your visual requirements, the higher the effort.

Dashboard Interactivity
Factors like drill downs, cross-filtering across visuals, tooltip customizations etc. add to development time. The more interactive behavior needed, the more effort it entails.

Data Refresh Approach
Connecting to data sources via imported data, DirectQuery or Live Connect has implications. Live Connections are the quickest while imported data needs additional work.

On-premise vs Cloud
Hosting your solution on the Power BI cloud service has a different cost structure compared to Power BI report server for on-premise reporting.

The Power BI Dashboard Cost Range

Based on experience across projects, the hourly cost rate to develop Power BI dashboards can vary between:

• $40 to $60 per hour (Offshore)
• $100 to $150 per hour (Onshore)

The total cost is driven by the number of hours expected. As an example, a starter dashboard project with:

• 1-2 Excel/SQL data sources
• 5-6 standard visualizations
• Basic interactivity and cross-filtering

Would need approximately 80-100 hours for end-to-end implementation.

For such a spec, the cost range for Power BI dashboard development would be:

• $3,200 to $4,000 (Offshore 80 – 100 hours)
• $8,000 to $12,000 (Onshore 80 – 100 hours)

Cost Calculator for Power BI Dashboards

To arrive at a cost estimate tailored for your specific needs, focus on these effort drivers:

Data (complexity, sources, volume)
Visualizations (variety, customization needs)
Interactivity (drill downs, cross-filtering etc.)
Deployment (Cloud, On-premise, Mobile)
Integration (with other apps, systems)
Our team can guide you on sizing based on your requirements.

Realizing the Full Value of BI Investments

In 1921, Frederick R. Barnard mentioned the power of visuals, stating “One look is worth a thousand words.” Today, in the Internet of Things era with massive datasets, this phrase rings even more true.  

However, making sense of endless information strains human cognition. Our data-saturated world calls for bite-sized visual insight! This is where Power BI enters the scene. 

A properly planned dashboard aligned to your KPIs allows better tracking and insights to meet strategic goals. Our phased approach ensures we can start delivering value quickly while iterating to add enhancements.

Having led successful BI engagements globally, our experts know how to accelerate your analytics journey. With capabilities across the Microsoft stack including Power BI, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL and more, we enable data-driven decision making with robust BI solutions tailored exactly for your business needs.

Want to drive more impact from analytics? Reach out for a consultation today!