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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

What is Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Present-day businesses are looking for innovative and extraordinary ways to connect with the target audience and solve their issues. They are continuously investing their energy to bring something out of the box to attract the audience. Thus many brands are opting for brilliant tools and techniques that can help them build up a better connection with the consumers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a blend of business solving tools and modules that help in boosting the performance of sales, branding, and customer support services. The aim is to provide transparency to customers with updated dashboards and reports, build a proper track of customer issues, and maintain a thorough record of past transactions. Dynamics 365 Customer Service focuses on understanding the needs of the consumers and catering to them by delivering the best possible services and facilities. Dynamics 365 offers numerous services that vary according to the target audience’s demands.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service aims to increase productivity without compromising the quality standards and expectations. Thus, it seeks to add value to the day-to-day chores of companies along with helping them to attract an audience and reach the target consumers. In addition, it aims to strengthen brand identity and brand worth in the market.

What are the Features of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Customer Portals and Communication

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows customers to avail themselves of valuable information through customer portals. Dynamics 365 is an excellent platform that enables users to engage and connect with others with the help of diverse channels such as chat, phone, social media, and many more. It also allows customers to have a conversation with some renowned industry experts who offer appropriate guidance and advice on growing the business from scratch.

Benefits of Interface and Service Calendar

Dynamics 365 will enable customers to view all account and provider problem solutions with the help of an integrated and innovative interface. Users use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to create and schedule services, participate in chats or keep track of the present service levels. The service calendar and scheduler enable setting up an efficient schedule that helps improve productivity. Users can set up their work hours and form groups of people with similar interests and skill sets with the help of the scheduler. Users can also assign timely tasks to others on the service calendar. Proper scheduling of tasks improves the team’s performance and reduces the chances of internal conflicts.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides various e-commerce services such as AI-powered chatbots to reduce service ticket volume. Also, a variety of mediums is available that help customers resolve their issues smoothly. Entitlements are tools that determine the extent to which clients are assisted. Dynamics 365 computed the outstanding hours allowed based on the circumstances set as long as the entitlement is functional. Thus, it will enable the customer support sector to solve customer problems.

Prominent industries such as healthcare, e-business, insurance, and B2C use the services offered by Dynamics 365.

Approach that is Customer-Centric

Dynamics 365 abides by a customer-centric approach. From automating routine operations to creating custom forms for surveys regarding employee and customer satisfaction, Dynamics 365 is taking historic and innovative measures to reduce any form of complexity in its operations. The survey forms can be visually appealing using a theme editor and rich design logic. Further, it also contains a section of knowledge articles that aim to provide solutions to common customer queries. Finally, users with appropriate roles may design the knowledge pieces.

More on Service Level Agreements(SLA)

Information on Service Level Agreements(SLA) appears under a tab at the bottom of cases generated for the user, along with the timings. SLAs are contracts that are usually set up for clients. The Central Knowledge Database tools are used to check the usefulness of entries used to build strategies to expand the knowledge base.

Open to Integration with Other Business Applications

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is open to integration with other notable business applications, increasing its importance and relevance. Dynamics 365 has a good command over field service by optimizing its operations. It has strengthened sales by empowering sellers with insights to predict customer behaviors. In addition, it has attained an edge over other software by providing all one business management solution. These listed options work tremendously well when companies incorporate all of them to increase their competence. These options also allow companies to interact with their customers and ensure constructive two-way communication.

What are the Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Importance of Regular Feedback

Dynamics 365 regularly keep a check on the feedback provided by the customers and brings in reforms in its functioning for the overall welfare. Insightful charts, graphs, and detailed analytics help in better interpretation of the experiences of the customers. Various performance indicators help in identifying the sectors that require the most attention. For example, consumers can construct inquiry forms through drag-and-drop builders, using which they can express their grievances. Additionally, virtual agents ensure unhindered customer service and provide seamless customer support.

Dynamics 365 also allows for a seamless transition between solved and open tasks with the help of an interactive and unified dashboard. Dynamics 365 can be integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing to increase performance and efficiency. This integration is an excellent combination that is quite popular among emerging brands.

Customer Interaction

With Dynamics 365, users form their personalized customer interaction system through a 360-degree view of the customers and having an engaging interaction on their preferred medium. Active customers exchange ideas, thoughts, and opinions amongst others. AI, machine learning, and Power BI are integrated, allowing users to switch between systems rarely.

A Real Example of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Big companies which interact highly with customers make maximum use of this platform. Such giant companies have immense small operational units spread over a vast scale. For the company to work as a single operating unit, it needs to work on its communication and present technology. By incorporating Dynamics 365 into its operations, the company can improvise its customer service, security, analytics, and customer support. With the help of real-time performance, the company can keep a record of its performance and efficiency levels.

Dynamics 365 has solved various challenges of manufacturing companies by providing them a 360-degree view of how their agents interact with customers. Dynamics 365 has also offered multiple customer service sessions per day, which helps in improving the performance through greater customer satisfaction in the Airline industry. Dynamics 365 also provides customers to ask questions in multiple languages about pressing travel issues. Dynamics 365 has helped various retail companies by distributing requests from numerous platforms like calls, websites, and emails.

Thus Dynamics 365 focuses on prioritizing the needs of the consumers, solving their issues, and understanding what the customers think of the organizations.

Adding to examples, Beyond Key built a custom CRM solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module to track incoming customer queries and automate customer support. Through custom CRM solutions, Dynamics 365 addressed the most complex application challenges faced by Fenix Group, a US-based company for Paints and Coating solutions. Prior to Dynamics 365, Fenix Group used a traditional MS Excel-based manual entry system that was prone to numerous errors. Dynamics 365 proposed building up a new case management system that was endowed with a number of features. Live status notifications, case lifecycle insights, and dashboards for cases are a few of the features of this system.


Dynamics 365 helps build an outstanding brand reputation by prioritizing customer values and providing solutions that help them stand apart from the crowd. By incorporating the latest technology, Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers effortless services at the customer’s convenience. Virtual agents are a big boon as they quickly find solutions and avoid queries from piling up. Using Dynamics 365, many businesses have become fully automated and have achieved greater heights every day. Thus, Dynamics 365 Customer Service guarantees phenomenal customer service by adding value in every possible way.  The uses, features, and benefits of Dynamics 365 are well-known by now. Dynamics 365 is playing a crucial role in transforming how companies function. Beyond Key offers free consulting and allows users to avail of the services provided by Dynamics 365. Thus through Beyond Key, brands can easily get the proper guidance on how to provide services to ensure customer convenience.