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6 Best PowerApps Capabilities Your Organization Can Use

The blog post today is from the webinar on how to Discover the 5 PowerApps Use Case Superpowers. By understanding PowerApps’ capabilities you can start to understand their superpowers more effectively.

6 PowerApps Capabilities

1. Drag and Drop Builder

You don’t have to be a coder. PowerApps is a low code tool. The only code is the low-code power FX, where you’re using Microsoft Excel formulas. The cool thing about using PowerApps is you have the ability as a citizen developer to create this without getting an IT degree.

2. AI Builder

PowerApps is also an intelligent system with a built-in AI Builder when you need it.

For example, you can extract text from a picture using OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities.

In this case, let’s say you take a picture of a mountain. That’s great; you now have a picture of a mountain. If you tag that mountain, every time someone else takes a mountain picture, the AI builder starts to recognize, “Oh, wait, that’s a mountain.”

PowerApps starts learning what that information is to identify items in the future. This is great for organizations with an extensive list of products where people take photos of the products to purchase. More and more uses like this are being created every day.

3. Microsoft Dataverse

The Microsoft Dataverse connects over 480 data sources (connectors) directly into PowerApps. Therefore, if you want to combine different ERP, CRM, marketing automation, or HR tools, you can connect those tools directly to Microsoft’s PowerApps.

4. Azure cloud platform

PowerApps is a cloud-based service that runs on the secure Azure Platform. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. Because the server runs on Microsoft secure Azure Platform, your application also has access to enterprise-level security.

5. User Roles

As an enterprise-level tool, it is possible to create multiple admin roles. For example, if you need different roles for different people, you can give them varying levels of access to your applications.

6. Scalabilities

Thanks again to the Azure Platform; you can scale your applications. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small organization or a Fortune 100 company; you can scale the PowerApps to your specific needs.

This scalability relies on how you customize the application to fit your strategy and business processes because PowerApps is not about creating an application just to make an application. The tools help you create an application that fits your specific needs.

PowerApps CapabilitiesFinal Thoughts

PowerApps has the flexibility to help your organization with a number of different tasks. If you want to learn more about their capabilities, then schedule a free consultation with our team.