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Cloud Computing: AWS vs Azure

Cloud computing is about choices. One of the biggest choices is about what platform to use to store your documents. Today we compare AWS vs Azure to see which platform works best for your cloud computing needs.

The information today is part of a larger webinar on how to Jumpstart Your Cloud Computing Experience.

Choosing the right cloud computing platform is important because the software you choose impacts how you store and manage your data. Therefore, we want to help you choose between AWS vs Azure to determine the best option for your data storage.

These are the two biggest cloud computing providers. They also have the most staying power to ensure your organization’s cloud computing will work now and in the future.

Part of the beauty of using these two services is the experience and power behind these two companies to ensure you have a safe and secure system.

Comparing AWS vs Azure


The first cloud computing platform is Microsoft Azure, part of Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud division. The cloud provider had a 23% growth rate last year, thanks in part to COVID.

Remote teams need tools to connect their documents through the cloud. Many organizations chose Microsoft Azure because the platform integrates with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem.

For example, suppose you want to connect your Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. In that case, organizations don’t need to worry about the integration between the two services.

The combination explains why Azure grew so fast last year and why they now have a 20% market share in the cloud computing market.


The second player we’re talking about today is Amazon Web Service. They are the global leader in cloud computing with a 32% marketing share. AWS has a network in over 190 nations with over 1 million active clients.

With over a decade of providing cloud computing, they are one of the most experienced players in the industry.

Azure vs AWS Final Thoughts

Both these organizations spend billions of dollars every year on their cloud computing networks to ensure it’s safe and secure for your organization. They are dedicated to giving you the best cloud computing experience.

If you are having trouble choosing whether to go with AWS vs Azure, let us know how we can help you. Contact us today for a free 1-hour consultation session where we go over your options based on your specific needs.