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How to maximize Program Management using a Non Profit CRM

A Non-Profit Program Management CRM helps you better organize data and effectively manage your supporter relationships to boost your NPO’s profitability.

Are your spreadsheets brimming with donor information, and you’re excited to launch yet another campaign for your nonprofit? Of course, you’re not going to pitch all of your past donors. Managing a campaign/program effectively is critical for better donor engagement and successful fundraising.

The interests of a donor change from campaign to campaign. One may be interested in donating to a specific cause, while the other may not.

Is it even worthwhile investing in hundreds of such factors? Do you have enough time to do it all over again – every time you launch a campaign? Well, you need not to! When you have a Non-Profit CRM to handle all of your concerns.

Non-Profit CRM not only consolidates data from all the sources but also provides a comprehensive understanding of your relationships with the donors. CRM also helps Non-Profits to distinguish the donors’ data based on their changing behavior.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM plays an essential role in managing all of your campaigns, whether it’s for fundraising or a simple social cause. Despite the fact that CRMs are critical a program management CRM tool for every non-profit professional, still a majority of organizations fail to make the most of them. In other words, if your non-profit wants to get a leg up on the competition when it comes to Program management, you’ll need to reconsider how you’re using your CRM.

Get the most of your program management with a Non-Profit CRM

Here are some strategies to run your program management effectively with the help of a non-profit CRM:

Understanding the Audience

It matters whom to ask for, whether you’re selling or need to buy something. To put it another way, it’s critical to understand your audience and their interests. A good CRM allows you to keep track of your audience’s activity. By examining these records and their contributor behavior, one may run a successful campaign. These data will also aid you in customizing relationship-building techniques for your target audiences. Dynamics CRM gives Non-Profits the ability to manage their target audience through the following:

  • Constituent Management: This includes complete constituent profiles of individuals, households, and organizations. It enables seamless interaction with your constituents and therefore provides the foundational infrastructure to know and grow your donors.
  • Opportunity Management: Build on the CDM, Dynamics CRM is capable of finding and adding your target prospects. It helps you track sales-related information like quotations and competitors. It also has an effective lead management process to monitor opportunities and derives more sales.

Consolidate the Information 

Many non-profit organizations use Excel sheets as their primary data store. When you need to obtain certain data from thousands of sheets handled by multiple employees, however, it becomes inconvenient. Non-profits can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to store data in one central location that can be readily seen, updated, and controlled by a single team member. Thus, one can focus on their noble cause rather than messing up with the data. Dynamics CRM also provides in-depth insights of your data through the application’s analytics and reporting. Holistic dashboards for data analysis and custom reporting tools are native to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Also, the programs can be integrated with Power BI for better data visualization.

Donation Tracking and Grant Management

Non-profits can use Dynamics 365 to track donors and manage funds for specific campaigns. Under a single interface, you may see your whole gift history, information on recurring donations, and pledge amounts. The application integrates with many popular ERP systems so transactional data can be synced with the external financial systems.

Since, Dynamics CRM flawlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Excel or many popular accounting systems, it enables non-profits to handle and track grants from the beginning to the end, from application to award. It is also feasible to automate reminders and renewals in order to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

Manage Your Donors 

It’s crucial to prioritize your relationship with your donors to amplify your fundraising revenue and fulfill your missions. Managers and fundraisers can use Dynamics 365 to connect with donors all over the world. It maintains track of incoming funds and their movement. Not only that, but it also has a significant impact on donor retention.

Donor retention activities such as Thanksgiving mailings, welcoming new contributors, engaging them with perks and diverse causes, developing a 2-way communication through feedbacks, and so on are facilitated by Dynamics CRM powered by Office 365 and Power BI. Being a cloud-ready platform, it eases a donor’s interaction with you, without requiring any form of coding at your end. Donors can access the CRM for Non-Profit from both mobile and web. It is also multi-lingual so that languages do not become a hindrance in any noble cause.

Non-Profit CRM’s robust statistics in the form of charts and graphs assist you in defining everything. These analytics allow you to see how close you are to completing the fundraising program and if there are any errors in your calculations. However, in any case, on-demand integrations are available for smooth processing.

Track your Volunteers

The success of any program is dependent on its volunteers. They are the ones who devote their time and energy to worthy causes. As a result, it becomes the moral responsibility of non-profits to care for these valuable assets.

Volunteer tracking is made easier by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which allows you to keep a log of the hours and activities completed by individual volunteers. Reports can be generated based on the total number of volunteer hours and campaigns completed.

Accounts Management

Managing accounts would have never been so easy. Dynamics 365 CRM has the ability to process payments quickly, effectively and securely. Our transactions processing is powered by Azure, it captures donor data, automatically issue receipts and is capable of handling recurring payments.

Seamless Integration

Campaigns can run globally or locally with respect to the cause. They are open to people from many verticals. It is not necessary for a volunteer or a donor to be on the same platform to be a part of your program. They can use a variety of tools based on their expertise. As a result, for a successful campaign, you must factor in the integration of multiple tools.

A Microsoft Dynamics 356 CRM integration can work in tandem with your existing apps. Non-profit CRM will help you with both, whether you need to export data from Dynamics 365 to Excel or use Office 365.

It is integrated with Power Automate and Power BI to ease your last mile fundraising processes.

Effortless Marketing

This is the age of social media, which has the ability to create anything. A well-marketed fundraising initiative might exceed your expectations. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or any other can assist generate a big quantity of finances and manual labor in the form of volunteers.

Because Dynamic 365 performs it for you, you don’t need to conduct a separate campaign for social media networks. Also, it provides built-in analytics throughout the application and gives you the flexibility to create your own custom analytics and reports using Power BI.

Are you ready for a Non-Profit CRM?

Consider yourself ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Not for Profit Kickstarter if:

  • You have an Excel workbook with a list of donors, donations and accounts.
  • You’re using a legacy system.
  • You’re using another CRM and want to switch to Microsoft.
  • You want a cloud-based data management system.
  • Lastly, you don’t want to code.

Final Thoughts

Finally, in order to achieve achievability, non-profits must administer their programs in a coordinated manner. With a Non-Profit CRM, built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this can be done with ease. So, sit back and relax while Beyond Key propels your campaign to new heights and empowers you with the solutions you need to make meaningful decisions for your non-profit business.