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Eliminate Tedious Paperwork with Intelligent Document Processing

Getting overwhelmed by paperwork in your office? Many companies deal with tons of documents every day. From forms and invoices to shipments and employee files, paperwork piles up quickly. Staff then spend hours entering all that data by hand. It gets boring and repetitive too. What if there was a better way to handle all those documents? Intelligent document processing solutions can help. IDP uses tools like optical character recognition and machine learning. Why? To digitally extract text from paperwork.

This automated process saves time and money compared to manual work. Let’s talk more about how your business can use IDP to simplify document handling.

What is intelligent document processing?

Intelligent Document Processing

It is basically intelligent data processing. In simple terms, it digitally captures data from paperwork. Think of your team like mailroom clerks. Every day they get shipments full of paper – bills, invoices, forms, and more.   

Instead of clerks typing for hours, intelligent document processing tools automatically extract text.  

It works sort of like scanning documents but is smarter. IDP solutions use optical character recognition, or OCR, to read text images. OCR converts pictures of letters into Word documents your computer understands. But IDP goes further with machine learning.   

Over time, tools improve at recognizing common document types like bills or invoices.  

Say you send a lot of purchase orders to vendors. Intelligent document processing platforms remember what fields are on your PO templates, like item codes or payment terms.   

Then IDP can extract just the key info your systems need, like item quantities and dollars owed, directly into your accounting applications. No re-typing twelve-digit numbers!  

Intelligent document processing solutions help teams work smarter too. With data extracted from paperwork, employees spend less time searching files.   

They can find what they need fast whether digital or paper files. Overall this intelligent document automation boosts team productivity so your whole business can work more efficiently.  

IDP takes paperwork off your plate by using tools like OCR and machine learning. Information gets entered directly into your applications digitally, saving time and energy for more important tasks.  

Why your organization needs Intelligent Document Processing

IDPSo now you understand what IDP is, let me explain why your business needs it. Data entry is a huge part of any large operation, right? Whether invoices, employee onboarding docs, or client forms, the paperwork piles up quickly.   

I’m sure your staff feels overloaded some days. Imagine if they could spend less time sorting files and entering info manually.  

Think about it – with all those documents coming in daily, mistakes are bound to happen. Maybe an intern types a number wrong or misreads a form.   

Those little errors add up! They can slow payments, miss compliance deadlines or cause other issues down the line. Wouldn’t it be great to minimize data entry blunders?   

The insurance agency I work with showed me why IDP is so useful. Every claim form had to be re-typed into their system. With hundreds of forms weekly, the staff was drowning in papers!   

They wasted hours keying repetitive values too. The call center also struggled to find documents customers asked about.  

Clearly, this agency needed help streamlining. IDP automates this data entry process to boost efficiency. Let me explain how they implemented Intelligent document processing solutions to automate intake. Their tools now scan forms and extract key fields into the system within seconds.   

Data goes straight to the right files, digitizing their entire process. Team productivity skyrocketed after automating with IDP!  

How does Intelligent Document Processing work?

Great, so now you know why organizations need help handling paperwork. Let me explain a bit more about how Intelligent document processing solutions actually work. The key is that these tools extract text and structure the information digitally.  

Remember those insurance claim forms I mentioned? Well, the agency’s Intelligent document processing platform scanned each page to recognize the handwriting and pre-printed text fields using OCR technology 

As the system studied common forms over time, it learned where values like names, dates, and claim details usually appeared.  

Once extracted, the solutions linked related pieces of data together too. So the platform linked a customer’s name to their policy information from other pages. 

Employees could find complete claim records when customers called by using this structure.  

The IDP tools translated image data into tagged formats for the agency’s core systems.    

This made it possible to transfer into digital workflow apps without typing again! Files dropped right into the queue for processing.  

Pretty cool, right? Now let me tell you how analysis of all that automatically captured paperwork helped the agency spot important trends…  

The claims data showed a surge in flu claims last winter versus previous years. By crunching these insights, underwriters could adjust flu coverage rates for next season.   

The document processing platform digitized their intake process and provided business intelligence.  

Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases

Let me give you a real example. Let’s talk about how different industries use Intelligent Document processing tools! Many fields rely on paper mountains.  

Insurance Firms Streamline Claims   

Insurers face mountains of injury reports and property damage forms after disasters. IDP automates processing while flagging fraud patterns for auditors.  

With IDP, claims adjusters access complete digital files from their laptops. Dynamic workflows route documents to specialists. Analytics reveal fraud patterns like geographic injury clusters. Underwriters adjust rates using insights extracted from millions of past policy documents.   

Healthcare Goes Digital  

Patient records, bills, and lab results flood hospitals daily. IDP securely digitizes sensitive files and extracts data into electronic medical records with privacy.  

IDP reduces medical record processing costs by 90%. Tools trained on provider formats can extract data with 99% accuracy. And store it in Electronic Health Records for billing purposes. IDs and biometrics ensure privacy. Digitized records even improve rural telehealth accessibility.

Government Agencies Cut Red Tape  

Departments manage housing applications, tax forms, and vehicle registrations non-stop. IDP helps streamline tasks and keeps citizen services up to date as economies recover after the pandemic.  

IDP automates the intake of applications, tax forms, licenses, and registrations. Citizens receive real-time status updates via IDP-connected case management portals. Regulated data transfers meet legal archival requirements. Auditors ensure compliance by analyzing petabytes of extracted records.  

Finance Speeds Loan Approvals  

Banks and lenders get a lot of paperwork for opening accounts, mortgages, and business loans. IDP scrubs data directly into core loan origination systems for faster underwriting.  

Loan documents processed via IDP instantly populate core systems for underwriter review. Data extraction and validation eliminate risks from manual entry errors. Borrowers also e-sign disclosures and track application status online. IDP boosts lending volumes by 25% with the same workforce. 

Manufacturing Improves Traceability  

The supply chain and factory quality teams keep track of inventory, shipments, and equipment certifications. IDP automates form processing for real-time operational visibility  

IDP digitizes supplier certifications, work orders, quality reports, and shipping manifests. Plant managers can see real-time inventory, traceability, and maintenance plans for all global factories.    

Logistics Optimizes Shipping  

Freight forwarders and retailers deal with many customs forms, bills, and warehouse receipts. IDP digitally tracks shipments door-to-door across global networks.  

IDP uses forms, invoices, and records to update tracking websites for customers. This allows customers to track shipments. Carriers gain shipment efficiency while complying with new digital trade regulations.  

How about your industry? How could you improve the paper badgering?   

CTABenefits of Intelligent Document Processing

Time and Money with IDP

Intelligent document processing helps businesses with lots of paperwork. Firstly, Intelligent document processing platforms save huge costs versus tedious manual tasks. The insurance agency reduced data entry hours by 75%. Just think about how much money the company saved on wages!  

Ensure Accuracy Across Systems  

Automated systems also extract information flawlessly. Errors due to fatigue simply don’t happen. Intelligent document processing tools transfer data to systems without re-keying errors, saving funds. Early detection of problems improves too.  

Free Your Team for Higher Impact Work  

Plus, IDP solutions let valuable staff focus on more important work. Workers gain hours back from routine paperwork daily. They spent time on customer requests instead of reams of redundant form entries. Improved response times upped agency satisfaction scores by 20%. 

Maximize Productivity in Your Organization  

Now imagine these productivity perks for your organization. How much money could your business save by avoiding manual data tasks company-wide? IDP solutions represent a smart investment enhancing workflows.   

Should we review available options to digitize your paperwork loads? We can help you find the best intelligent document processing tools for your needs. Then your team can work smarter too!  

Ways to implement IDP  

Alright; once you decide IDP fits your needs, the next step involves choosing a system. Good news – solutions come in flexible models.

On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Deployments  

You can install IDP tools on your own servers for more control of security. This requires IT resources to manage.  

Cloud deployment moves IDP services offsite so vendors handle hardware maintenance. You can use internet tools without paying a lot upfront, but you have to pay monthly/annually.  

Considering Standalone Tools vs. Integrated Platforms  

Standalone IDP applications are best for smaller volumes or pilot projects. They’re affordable and focus only on form processing.  

Larger companies dealing with thousands of documents daily need full platforms. These integrate multiple tools with centralized management dashboards and visual workflow builders.  

Workflow Automation Made Easy  

Users can quickly set up robots, templates, and processes by dragging and dropping on user-friendly platforms.  

The process maps show how data flows. From scanning to extraction and robotic automation.  

Scaling with RPA Integration  

Organizations use IDP to extract data. Then, they teach RPA bots to do follow-up tasks faster.  

Bots make loan applications faster by calculating rates, generating letters, and updating systems.  

Selecting the Right Fit for Your Needs  

Before rolling out completely, it might be helpful to begin with a pilot program. This program could test various tools on documents with high volume.  

We can review your paperwork and processes to suggest the best way to use RPA.  

Whom to Choose for Intelligent Document Processing?  

Beyond Key Can Guide Your IDP Journey  

As IDP automation advisers, we’ve helped dozens of groups solve paperwork bottlenecks. Our experts review volumes, conduct workflows, and select top tools. We make sure IDP implementations succeed. Setting up a network or converting file formats, whether separate or combined systems.  

We Are Your Partner for Success  

As an IDP and RPA integrator, we go beyond quick software fixes. Our consultants manage full rollout projects. This ensures your correct platform, flawless integration, and change management, supporting staff adoption.  

Maximizing ROI and Performance  

Post-launch, we change the setups to make the data better, save time, and improve maintenance. Plus, analytics reveal process enhancements as solutions learn constant improvements.  

Custom Solutions for any Needs  

Our developers customize capabilities when generic options fall short. We create personalized workflows by simplifying classification, extracting records, and integrating auxiliary inputs.  

Peace of Mind & Ongoing Support  

Rely on Beyond Key as your single point of contact for all IDP and digital service requirements. Our experts work all the time to watch uptime and teach IT teams to manage automated systems on their own.

Let’s Plan Your Next Steps

We’d love to review your documents intake volumes and core systems integration needs. We’ll work together to create a customized IDP pilot and a plan to implement it. The pilot and plan will meet quality standards and deadlines. Your team deserves an easy digitization partner they can trust completely.  


Intelligent document processing eliminates tedious paperwork completely. Automate data capture and extraction workflows with IDP. Your organization can realize huge gains in efficiency, cost savings, and improved services.  

Beyond Key has helped many companies use IDP to digitize their documentation processes. Let’s talk about your needs and how the right IDP solution can help you focus on important work. Contact us today to get started!