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How Wearables Will Take Home Automation to the Next Level

As smart home device manufacturers continue to explore appliances and devices that can be controlled remotely, we move closer to making our homes a little more magical. By combining wearable technology and smart home automation technology, it’s easy to envision a more productive and convenient home. Although smart appliances in homes are relatively new, their usage is growing quickly, and this trend is expected to continue to grow significantly over the next few years. Wearable devices could be used to seamlessly connect to smart environments, allowing consumers to save a lot of time around the house.

One such convenience we’ve brought into your smart home automation world is the “Smart door application”.
Smart Door App is a companion app to an existing garage door opener that securely allows one or more users to open, close, and monitors their garage door from anywhere in the world.

If you are using your old garage door remote control, you might know they frustration in using them. Some of those frustrations we face often include:

  • We need to get extra remotes for family members, service persons, or tenants
  • We have to carry the garage remote on a walk around your neighborhood or bicycle ride
  • We lose or break them
  • We forget to replace the batteries and only realize when it’s too late
  • Garage remotes get stolen out of parked cars giving criminals access to homes

So your Voice technology enabled Smart door application for Home Automation is a simple yet robust solution for all these problems.


People have always reported that they forget to close the garage door and remember when they are in bed and ready to go to sleep. They have to rush out of bed in the middle of the night to check if the garage door is closed or open. Or they’re away from home automation and have an unexpected visitor who needs access to their home or car but they have no way to do so.

In all such situations, you have just one buddy, and it’s none other than Beyond Key’s amazing voice-based wearable app called Smart Door App. Let’s look into the other benefits of this app:

    Open or close your garage door with just your voice. Simply speak into your Apple Watch, Android Smart Watch, Alexa, or Google Assistant to place your command in the app. Once pairing is done, you don’t even need your smartphone near your wearable device or assistant.

    Check the door status from anywhere, anytime, and see how much time has passed since the last event. Get notifications if your door opens or closes without your knowledge. No one other than permitted users can operate the door.

    Easy integration of the app is available with smart assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Customized integration possibilities are on-demand with your choice of gadget.
    For user authentication and login permissions, the application relies on advanced encryption and authentication protocols similar to those used for banking transactions.

    This application is compatible with most garage door openers available in the market. Works well with iOS and android watches and phones.
    Reasonable price quotes with all the available features to ensure you don’t break the bank. Additionally, any customization you need can be made a priority and development can be done within a stipulated time frame and budget.

How does it work?

  • When any voice command is given to the app using a smartwatch, Alexa, or Google Assist, it is transmitted securely to the device which in turn will activate your garage door opener.
  • After the status of the door is validated by the app, an audio status response is also played back to the user.
  • The status of the door is displayed on your smartwatch.
  • Push notifications are displayed to update the status of the garage door to users.
  • An interactive interface is developed in the new build-up which enables the smartwatch app to play voice audio asking the user permission before activating the garage door.

What is the future?

Connectivity is the core result of IoT, and wearable devices are one of the keys to this technology’s expansion throughout our communities. If you look at predictions by the technology analysis company CCS, they have said that 95 million wearable devices will be sold this year, which will increase to 185 million devices by 2021. This impressive growth, combined with continuing IoT innovations and developments, makes it clear that the future of wearable devices connected to smart environments is right around the corner.

We are witnessing the integration of wearables in the smart home automation, where a smartwatch on our wrist can adjust the room temperature, turn on lighting, open and close doors, receive notifications from security systems, control other smart home devices, and much more all by listening to simple voice commands. We have been working on this smart home concept and wearable devices for the last two decades, and we’re still only in the beginning stages of this technological revolution. Expect significant growth, changes, and iterations in the coming months and years.


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