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Engage and nurture donor relationships with easy to setup campaigns, member portals, contact management, and more.

  • Customizations
  • Integrations
  • Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Surveys

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A dedicated CRM for Nonprofits

Why your Non-Profit need a CRM ?

End-to-end mission delivery and campaign management with Microsoft dynamics 365 for nonprofits

Our non-profit CRM Kickstarter is a plug-n-play CRM built to automate challenges related to campaign management and mission delivery.

Generate actionable insights from tracked emails
Configure graphics and charts to identify trends
Data Driven decision-making for better services and processes
Create custom dashboards to view all the key metrics in one window
Save quotes, proposals, sales plans, dry leads etc. that are specific to a record
Administrators can now embed Power BI reports and dashboards on the CRM homepage
Schedule a guided Dynamics CRM for nonprofits tour

Expand your mission, Engage and Deliver with Nonprofit CRM

Get the word out about your campaigns and events with email marketing, website tools, custom landing pages, surveys and more. Deliver heartfelt experiences for your existing donors and prospects by gaining valuable insights into your online fundraising efforts and identify your highest performing campaigns.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Nonprofit Accelerator Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Nonprofit

We can help you implement our Nonprofit CRM Kickstarter where you get pre-built capabilities and solutions to meet your campaign requirements. Our CRM experts can consult you on how to leverage the Microsoft environment to design, embed and adopt MS Dynamics CRM to streamline your donor reachouts, campaigning, fundraising and volunteer management.

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  • Donation Tracking
  • Financial Integration
  • Volunteer Management
  • Campaign Management
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Integration with Power Platform
  • Integration with SharePoint and Outlook
  • Grants/awards management


  • Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 for nonprofit run on the customer’s servers instead of being hosted by Beyond Key?

    As our Nonprofit CRM is hosted on Cloud so it will not run on your server.

  • Will you integrate with our software / servers?

    The Non-profit CRM Kickstarter can be integrated with existing software with some level of customizations

  • How does the Dynamics Nonprofit CRM Kickstarter guarantee my donor data is secure?

    The not for profit CRM is built on secure Microsoft environment which offers a PCI compliant system, so all your donor data is secure.

  • What does it cost for Non-profit CRM customization?

    Contact us on [email protected] for pricing info.

  • Does Non-profit Kickstarter CRM integrate with Microsoft SharePoint?

    Yes our Dynamics 365 Nonprofit CRM can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

A Florida-based non-profit organization leverages Dynamics 365 CRM for campaign management, content distribution and financial management.

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Non-Profit Clients

Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Non-Profit Clients
Quick and Efficient Campaigning

Quick and Efficient Campaigning

Save time and use your funds efficiently by understanding the need of the donors and plan campaigns that are effective. You can also assign tasks to your volunteers based on their skills and interest, all using a CRM.

Track Impact

Track Impact

Facilitate information sharing across platforms including social media and website and track the impact throughout your campaigns right from donations to deliveries. Leverage Dynamics 365 Project Services Automation for managing donor preferences, volunteer skills and certifications, along with availability and scheduling of your taskforce.

Link Program Delivery and Beneficiaries

Link Program Delivery and Beneficiaries

Track how your campaigns are impacting beneficiaries and the donors by interlinking delivery frameworks with indicator value in the Dynamics CRM accelerator. This will give you an opportunity to reach out to the past donors who might be interested in your upcoming campaigns.

Track Impact

Get Access to Installable Solutions

Integrate with Microsoft business applications and Power BI for data analytics. As a Microsoft partner, you can quickly implement new applications and solutions that are mapped to a common set of entities such as donor commitment and planned giving.

PowerPlatform Integrations & Customizations

PowerPlatform Integrations & Customizations

You can ensure your investment in Dynamics 365 is fully leveraged by creating apps that support user adoption. I believe this will help you bring mobility and ease to your last mile fundraising processes and easy reach outs to the donors

  • Canvas and model-driven apps built with PowerApps
  • Power Automate (MS Flow) and Power BI integration with your Dynamics CRM
  • Continuous support and maintenance for your application and CRM
  • Publish your app across iOS, Android and Windows browser
  • Dynamics CRM customization for campaign, financial and content management

We helped a non-profit working for child education drive productivity using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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A Wisconsin-based non-profit organization leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation for a Florida-based non-profit organization.

A Florida-based non-profit organization leverages Dynamics 365 CRM for campaign management, content distribution and financial management..

December 25, 2019

Nonprofit CRMs: Make Every Donation Count

In times of trouble, every donor becomes even more valuable to a nonprofit...

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