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Maximize the overall value of the existing donor portfolio and formulate a robust and automated donor management strategy for your NPO with impeccable services from Beyond Key.

Introducing Right Cause

A dedicated Non-profit CRM suite built on Microsoft Cloud.

Right Cause is built specifically for charities and nongovernmental organizations willing to embrace digital transformation. The solution leverages MS Dynamics 365 and uses the Common Data Model which lets you automate repetitive tasks and bring everyone together in common ground.We're talking better donor engagement, streamlined fundraising, volunteer management, and grant management - all in one place.

And the best part? It's super customizable to your nonprofit's unique needs. Plus, if you're trying to scale and grow in 2023, the Right Cause Non-profit solution can help you get there faster. It's all about digitizing and automating your donor engagement, so you can spend more time making a difference and less time on repetitive tasks.

Highlights of Right Cause Solution

Beyond Key Staff Augmentation Services
  • Constituent management
  • Donation management
  • Grants Management
  • Pledges
  • Integrations of choice
  • Events management
  • Membership management
  • Custom workflows
  • Data migration
  • And a lot more...

Our purpose

Helping nonprofits serve humanity by providing the right technology solutions

Let's team up and make an impact together!

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  • Why do nonprofit organizations require BI services?

    Many nonprofit organizations struggle to manage finances, witness underperforming campaigns, and possess low prospects for donor conversion. Business Intelligence offers a comprehensive way to collect data scattered across locations and formats. It helps retain existing donors and analyze donor demographics and new donor trends. Thus with BI, nonprofits can prioritize their main issues, forecast models to identify roadblocks, and generate a constant stream of newly qualified donors.

  • Why choose D365 as your guide to boost fundraising?

    We offer an excellent framework for business applications that track donors, contacts, volunteers, and other business entities. Our non-profit CRM Kickstarter is integrated with other valuable elements of the Microsoft platform and can be integrated with other products from other vendors. Integration with other systems allows non-profits to view a complete and accurate picture of your existing and incoming data. Our solution largely focuses on automating repetitive processes and monitoring impact using dashboards.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for your Nonprofits?

Microsoft 365 allows nonprofit organizations to support and increase the ability to use data to make intelligent decisions. It simplifies the setup & management of donor and volunteer services. It protects sensitive data, and the Microsoft Digital Skills Center offers courses to nonprofit professionals to become more efficient at work.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for your Nonprofits?

We believe in

Helping non-profits implement user security roles, workflow processes, configuration settings, and on-demand features as per the choice. We are highly customizable as per the client’s requirements.

Boosting funding and increasing reach

Boosting funding and increasing reach

Having access to NPO Kickstarter supports the mission of the nonprofits by aligning with their needs. Our features facilitate better communication and will revolutionize how nonprofits engage with existing and potential donors.

Assisting nonprofit organizations to make smarter decisions

We guide and empower nonprofit organizations to deliver better service levels, reduce internal costs, and foster transparency amongst internal teams. We directly boost the level of resources to beneficiaries and allow them to make smarter choices.

Assisting nonprofit organizations to make smarter decisions
Drive exponential increases in giving

Drive exponential increases in giving

We help nonprofit organizations connect behavioral insights with meaningful engagements and reduce back-office costs. By securing campaigns and volunteers in an automated and secure ecosystem, nonprofit organizations can witness increased loyalty across gift types.

Improving the security of a nonprofit organization

We improve the security of the nonprofit’s system by providing updates, firewall management, and virus protection. It also provides a complete IT support solution and unlimited help desk support.

Improving the security of a nonprofit organization
Formulating best practices for data processing and visualization

Formulating best practices for data processing and visualization

We have an enhanced and efficient reporting system for internal and external stakeholders. We applied predictive modeling in strategy and planning and planned giving programs. Data processing and visualization are efficient ways to understand complex information quickly. It allows nonprofit organizations to monitor the right metrics and mold data to build effective fundraising strategies for sustainable growth.

Plan the most customized solution for your non-profit!

We can help you gain complete visibility of grant activity, track active grants, membershipmanagement, and social media management. Dynamics 365 drives operational efficiency, automates vital tasks and cleans outdated donor data. Additionally it also analyzes the outcomes of marketing efforts and provides email templates and pre-built segments to boost marketing efficiency. Additionally we also schedule and post messages on the social media accounts of nonprofit organizations and help nonprofits access the dashboard and Outbox from CRM. We establish different membership levels and set custom values for membership requirements. BI dashboards, reports, and spreadsheets produce actionable insights that nonprofits use to transform their direct response programs. BI helps resolve common issues of nonprofits, including fragmented software, lack of data anagement, sustainability, and consistent engagement.

Learn about what we can do for you!

Why SharePoint Intranet is perfect to transform
your businesses

SharePoint Intranet offers a wide range of Microsoft 365 solutions that help businesses meet their unique needs and solve complex business challenges.

SharePoint solutions and Power platform consulting automate business operations and drive efficiency. Intranet consulting and Intranet Portfolio promote efficiency and streamline business processes.

SharePoint consulting services increase business productivity and help you reap the maximum benefits of your investments. We provide you with the guidance required to improve the outcomes and reduce the overall deployment costs. Therefore we help you optimize the effectiveness of SharePoint’s capabilities.

Our team of qualified experts helps you handle issues, manage important documents, and assist in smooth migrations. We are undoubtedly a reliable partner as we aim to keep you productive in any location and on any platform.

We are known to brainstorm creative ideas that improve user experience and adaptability. Thus we curate solutions that align with your organizational structure, business processes, corporate culture, and employees’ needs.

Our Happy Clients

At Beyond Intranet, we are committed to giving our nonprofit clients smooth and precise organizational solutions that push the limits of their industry, meet their needs, and give them results that are better than they could have ever imagined.

So, over the years, we have helped many clients achieve digital transformation and ensured that their nonprofit helps the community as much as possible.

MD Junior
Planned Parenthood of Pacific
St. John's
British Dental Association
Relationships Australia
Koninklijke Metaalunie
Thirtyone eight
Practising Law Institute
Men’s Health Foundation
San Diego Youth Services
The stone Trust
Population Action International

Our Services

Eliminating costs and boosting the efficiency of nonprofit organizations

We eliminate the high costs caused by siloed systems and manual data entry. We offer a flexible app-based structure that is of great help to nonprofit organizations.

NPO -  Eliminating costs
NPO - clients, customers, and donors

Building relationships with clients, customers, and donors

We assist nonprofit organizations in building relationships with volunteers whose support is central to their success. We also help coordinate resources across multiple locations and manage volunteers in the field. We identify givers by their interests or communication preferences and focus on the financial aspect of the nonprofit operations as well.

Unification of systems and connecting beneficiaries

We provide services that allow nonprofit organizations to manage every aspect of a nonprofit's operations. We connect beneficiaries and program delivery and enable all departments to operate similarly. Additionally, with unified communications, nonprofits can enable remote workers to voice communication and strengthen relationships among coworkers.

NPO - connecting beneficiaries
NPO - Tracking internal issues

Tracking internal issues through each department

We report and identify flaws and areas that are underperforming. We define a solution, track the nonprofit's mission, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Campaign management

Campaigns and fundraising events significantly impact a nonprofit’s revenue stream. Using Dynamics 365’s event management tools, nonprofit organizations efficiently plan events such as conferences and fundraisers. Using automated tools, nonprofit organizations book venues, manage schedules, tracks attendance, and deal with sponsors.

NPO - Campaign management

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