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A deep dive into AI for Sales in Dynamics 365

Every company today faces a critical need to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations to thrive in the modern business landscape. However, the adoption of AI has been largely out of reach for many businesses until now. The high implementation costs, coupled with a shortage of data scientists and incomplete data, have posed significant challenges for all but a select few companies.

Transforming Customer Engagement with AI

AI presents a transformative opportunity for businesses to revolutionize customer engagement. Imagine capturing real-time signals from various touchpoints, such as customer support requests and social media interactions. By analyzing data from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, external sources, and the Internet of Things, companies can create comprehensive customer profiles.

This enables predictive modeling for personalized sales, marketing, and service interactions, automating routine tasks and driving real-time customer engagement. AI-powered insights usher in a new era of customer success, where businesses can connect with their customers more intelligently and effectively than ever before.

Empowered Sellers with Predictive Analysis & Conversation Intelligence

Imagine harnessing the power to analyze every data point, consolidating information from your CRM, external sources, and the Internet of Things to construct a holistic understanding of each customer. This capability enables us to anticipate the most suitable sales, marketing, or service interactions for every customer, and then automate various tasks, from routine activities to real-time customer engagement. It heralds a revolutionary approach to engaging with your customers and prospects, with intelligence driving a new era of customer success.

Sellers must comprehend their customers and keep abreast of continuously evolving deal flows. Well-informed, data-driven interactions can be pivotal in enhancing customer retention and revenue generation.

Conversation intelligence

It provides a distinctive opportunity to monitor all customer conversations and extract valuable insights that can propel sales organizations forward with greater speed and intelligence. Sales managers can effortlessly identify standout performers and successful strategies, as well as pinpoint potential areas for improvement, to guide coaching efforts and foster positive behaviors across the team.

Eliminate guesswork with predictive forecasting

As the volume of sales data continues to grow, there is a unique opportunity to inform business decisions and enhance sales performance. Sales organizations can revolutionize forecasting by leveraging extensive sales data to generate more comprehensive and reliable sales predictions.

Democratizing Sales Intelligence

Sellers, whether they operate in the field or at call centers, can now allocate more time to core selling activities as routine tasks are automated, allowing for better prioritization of pipelines through timely sales guidance. Additionally, they receive tailored insights that cater to their specific context and individual performance, enabling them to enhance their effectiveness in sales engagements.

AI presents three key advantages for salespeople:

  • Automated data capture facilitates the discovery of optimal next steps and close connections, empowering reps to make informed decisions.
  • Predictive sales capabilities assist reps in prioritizing leads and responding promptly to high-value opportunities, resulting in more effective sales engagement.
  • Digital assistants support relationship maintenance by scheduling calls and issuing reminders once connections are established, enhancing overall efficiency in customer interactions.

Establishing meaningful and authentic communications

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights revolutionizes sales processes by empowering the entire sales organization to be more productive, agile, and customer-focused, resulting in faster deal closures. Sales leaders benefit from improved team efficiency, smarter pipeline management, and enhanced customer relationships through actionable insights and tailored recommendations derived from various forms of communication.

Feature details:

  • Explore historical evidence: Complement subjective bottom-up forecasts with predictive projections to identify discrepancies or inconsistencies without manual effort.
  • Leverage your existing data: Compare actual performance with predictions visually to track deal wins against projected outcomes, leveraging past deal and pipeline data for impactful insights.

Full Sales Insights licenses include:

  • Predictive Scoring
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Business Card Reader
  • Relationship Analytics
  • Assistant Studio
  • Sales Accelerator
  • Pipeline Intelligence
  • Notes Analysis
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Connection Insights

Note: You will need to access the Sales Hub app in order to set up these features.

Advanced forecasting and pipeline intelligence with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

When you integrate Dynamics 365 Sales Insights as an add-on module to your existing Dynamics 365 environment, you gain access to AI capabilities similar to Copilot. The generative AI for sales empowers sellers to better manage their time, increase productivity, lighten workloads, and ultimately close deals.

Sales enablement professionals responsible for implementing sales strategies also benefit from Dynamics 365 Sales Insights by gaining enhanced agility in identifying successful approaches and providing meaningful guidance through deeper insights into sales performance.

  • They can efficiently disseminate relevant information across the sales team while ensuring alignment with and reinforcement of business strategies.
  • Utilize the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration to acquire relevant leads, targeted profiles, and tactics for crafting personalized introductions. Additionally, track essential contacts and analyze organizational charts, along with other visual aids, all in real-time with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.
  • Integrate sales documents seamlessly with Office 365 tools to complement sellers’ efforts, providing a hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, enhance sales quality by gaining insights from customer data and surveys through features like Customer Voice, which has been introduced to Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise for improved performance.


Sales enablement professionals play a crucial role in operationalizing selling strategies, and Dynamics 365 Sales Insights empowers them to become more agile. With simplified discovery of winning strategies and deeper understanding of sales performance, they can develop more meaningful guidance for the sales team. This includes broadcasting the right information at the right time, and ensuring streamlined dissemination across the team.

Moreover, predictive forecasting enhances sales forecasting by complementing subjective bottom-up projections with objective data-driven forecasts. By getting insights into historical sales and pipeline data, sales professionals can forecast more accurately and confidently.

All these capabilities are supported by powerful tools within Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, ensuring adherence to and enforcement of business strategies while augmenting sales guidance.

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