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It’s About One Conversational Bot…for All Industry Verticals

With the power of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning skills, conversational interfaces (chatbots) have become revolutionary. The conversational bot brought a substantial improvement in many business processes for various industry domains.

Our FAQ chatbot is an excellent voice bot that can help you streamline several of your day-to-day problems. Let’s check out some of its everyday use cases you’re sure to love.

One Conversational Bot for Industry Verticals

Chatbots in Banking

Banks have been early adopters of the newest technology that has seen widespread commercial success. A report by Juniper Research claims that for every query that a chatbot handles, banks save four minutes of an agent’s time translating per query. By 2022, this will amount to billions in yearly savings. Chatbots in the banking industry are helpful for information gathering internally amongst employees in different branches and with a vast consumer base.

Chatbots are helping banks enhance customer satisfaction by answering a host of their queries within seconds. Bots answer common questions regarding account balance, utility payments, balance transfer, ATM locations, and more in a seamless and time-bound manner. With predictive analytics, the bots pick up the customer’s intent and answer accordingly. Also, some banks have developed bots that help customers block their cards instantly in case of theft or misuse. They ask specific questions about the card and send an OTP to the registered mobile number. Once fed, the card gets blocked instantly. With uninterrupted support 24/7, chatbots are creating meaningful customer relationships.

Chatbots in e-commerce

Behind the scenes of every popular online shopping website is a complex network of activities such as customer service, payments, promotions, tech support, logistics, market research, and more. Chatbots have become the only solution to all these complex problems of online retailers and marketplaces. Customers have numerous questions about shipping and delivery, both before and after making their purchases.

Building chatbots for e-commerce websites allow online stores to provide their potential and existing customers with information and updates on shipping and delivery. Generic and frequently asked questions on shipping can be fed into the chat script and give instant answers to the customers who request them. In addition to this, the online chatbots can extract real-time tracking information on any order and update existing customers on the status of their shipment, answer basic queries and complaints, and upsell and cross-sell products. They can also quickly deal with issues like cart abandonment with regular follow-ups.

Chatbots in Healthcare

 These days, chatbots are being used by leading health systems to facilitate a fully conversational discovery of their services and enable seamless time scheduling for their patients. Chatbots also help by presenting a quick way of checking a patient’s existing coverage, filing claims, and tracking the status of their claims. There are Medicine Reminders chatbots that can be easily programmed to remind patients to take medication. For pathology labs, a conversational chatbot let users instantly check the status of their pending reports, find nearby centers, show test information and prices, and enable faster query resolution by guiding the user through every step.

Chatbots in Education

Learning Through Chatbots provides a personalized learning environment to the students by analyzing their responses and how they go through the learning content. The bot may repeatedly assess the student’s level of understanding and present the next part of the lecture accordingly.

Chatbot’s instant messaging system makes it easy for the students to find information about the admission processes, assignments, due dates, or other important events. The bots answer students’ queries about the course module, lesson plans, projects, and deadlines to monitor the students’ learning progress. The chatbots provide personalized feedback to the students. They can analyze the students learning needs and recommend the learning content to them accordingly.

Chatbots for Travel

Chatbots can be a game-changer for the travel industry as they benefit both travelers and companies; they help both parties simplify the travel agreements. Travel chatbots are also enhancing the customer travel experience by guiding customers through every aspect related to travel.

Not only can they be used to book flights, but you can also find hotels, get general travel advice, book a rental car, and more. If you have a set budget, you can ask the messenger chatbot to recommend options within a specific price range. It can also update you with real-time changes such as flight delays, check-in details, and more.

Travelers also expect customer support services irrespective of their time zone, especially during international travels. Chatbots provide 24/7 customer service support to users to fulfill their needs and improve customer service.

Chatbot for Customer Support

Gone are the days when customers would file a complaint or question and wait until a human agent replied. With the advent of chatbots, customer support has mandatorily become a need of “being present 24/7”. An AI conversational bot understands human language and respond accordingly. Corporations train them with prequalified questions and answers such as invoice management, order tracking, and account management. These are simple and repetitive tasks that do not require the added value that humans bring. By prequalifying requests, managing simple questions, and routing customers to the right services, bots also allow support agents to focus on more complex tasks, improving efficiency and simplifying processes.

Live chat apps offer a cheaper alternative to help you cut down on team numbers and provide excellent customer service by tracking customer contact histories and providing people with immediate, non-urgent support.

Chatbot for Sales

Chatbots are trained to take instant real-time online orders and even help your customers with the product they want.

You also don’t need to worry about these chatbots giving cold and impersonal responses. Studies show that 45 percent of consumers don’t care who they are talking to as long as they get correct, practical, and handled quickly.

The quick response times that automated messengers offer can also be valuable during regular business hours. If a salesperson has inquiries from multiple clients at a time, they can’t provide immediate responses to all of them. Chatbots, on the other hand, can.  The bot could remind the individual it’s time for subscription renewal or send them marketing or informational materials. Based on the person’s purchase history, the bot can also suggest other items that might interest them. They can help you turn leads into customers more efficiently and provide you with data to inform your marketing and sales efforts.

And that’s not all!

Apart from this, chatbots can help sort time-consuming internal communications in a company that HR typically handles. Bots can streamline the entire process of communication, leaving no room for mistakes. Chatbots can schedule appointments, respond to frequent employee queries in a blink, and even entertain them!

Need help with a Conversational Bot?

With so many capabilities, you may think that implementing a chatbot is an expensive project. But think again! Chatbots can be very cost-effective if you hire the best talent. Researchers say that investment in chatbot technology is highly value-driven. And the icing on the cake? You don’t have to know coding or any programming language!

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