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How Automation Testing Saves Time and Money

How Automation Testing Saves Time and Money

Webinar Description:

The right software quality assurance process increases your organization’s productivity and reduces costs. That is why software automation testing is vital for any organization’s technology requirements.

Our free on-demand webinar on Automation Testing shares the best processes to keep your organization running smoothly. Watch the On-Demand Webinar now.

Key benefits of watching the on-demand webinar

  • What are the best software testing processes?
  • What are the right tools and techniques to get the best results?
  • Do you have the right team members to test the software?
  • How can you optimize your software testing process?
  • Why is automation Testing vital to your operations?

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Webinar Presenters

Upcoming Webinar
Andy Nathan
Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive with a decade of experience helping clients across multiple industries implements the best technology solutions. These solutions enabled companies to improve their marketing and sales systems. As a former teacher with a Master’s in Education, he has the ability to turn confusing topics into clear concepts business professionals can use.

Quality Assurance Manager
Priyanka Manjrekar
Quality Assurance Manager

Priyanka Manjrekar is a Quality Assurance Manager at Beyond Key. With over 14 years of experience in the software quality assurance and testing industry, she constantly shares her expertise across agile testing methodologies through her analytical skills. From educating the team on best practices, to constantly advocating for the customer, her goal is to ensure that everyone she works with is set up for success. Each of her roles helped develop her deep passion for solving problems. In every release cycle, she strives to deliver exceptional value and quality to customers. Outside of work, her interests in traveling to faraway places with her family & friends, or catching a baseball game.

QA Engineer
Aditi Balur
QA Engineer

Aditi Balur is a QA Engineer at Beyond Key with 7 years of experience in Quality Assurance with expertise in Manual and Automation testing

She is passionate about Web Automation, designing automated tests to check the web applications' functionality and provide effective test automation solutions. Aditi has extensive knowledge of Quality Assurance procedures and agile testing methodologies.

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