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The need for Healthcare BI and its relevance with EHR systems

Healthcare Industry often struggles with siloed Hospital software and systems when it comes to data analysis. These disparate data systems create a huge bottleneck that impact decision making for hospital executives.

Disconnected data sources not only impede the gathering of real-time actionable insights but also hinder effective patient care.

The best way to avoid this struggle is to use business intelligence (BI) with centralized dashboards and reports. These BI tools integrate with multiple hospital systems like Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, medical devices, appointment booking apps, billing, and inventory systems to present a holistic view hospital administrator can use to gauge hospital's performance and also deliver actionable insights.

Beyond Key excels in developing concrete BI solutions that improve the value of patient care through better analytics and reporting.

Healthcare BI

Benefits of BI- EHR Integration

BI EHR Integration

Digital Transformation

BI EHR Integration


BI EHR Integration

Financial Growth

BI EHR Integration

Clinical Analytics

BI EHR Integration

Predictive Analytics

BI EHR Integration

Operational Optimization

BI EHR Integration

Data Mining

Healthcare BI Dashboard Examples


Hospital performance dashboard

A hospital performance dashboard is a useful dashboard hospital stakeholders and clinic managers use on an on-going basis.

The dashboard displays key KPIs which gives a breakdown of crucial hospital resource and patient data. The stakeholders analyze the statistics like the number of doctors on duty, their availability, number of patients admitted, discharged, about to discharging, net revenue, expenses, and more. You can filter and segregate this data down into daily, weekly, or monthly numbers depending on your needs.

Hospital KPI dashboard

Hospital KPI dashboard

This hospital KPI dashboard gives a big picture of how a hospital/clinic is currently performing. Users can track:

  • The number of patients the hospital admitted over a certain period
  • Treatments cost
  • Average emergency room wait times
  • The number of incoming and outcoming patients from every department
  • Probable patient readmission rate
Patient Satisfaction dashboard

Patient Satisfaction dashboard

The patient satisfaction dashboard gives a comprehensive view of your patients’ experience. Additionally, it gives you an indication of whether they will come back for another appointment if needed by tracking specific metrics that form a Patient Satisfaction score. These measures include:

  • Average wait times
  • Patient count by department
  • Patient feedback
  • Lab test TAT

Business Use Case

Leading NPO healthcare center leverages custom reports to optimize their operational, financial, and patient care strategies

Beyond Key

Business need

The client was using a popular EHR system but was collecting siloed data. They wanted:

NPO healthcare center

An effective BI tool that could render reports per their requirement.

NPO healthcare center

Custom reports and dashboards to see the overall Inpatient and Outpatient trends.

NPO healthcare center

A way to help clinic managers located at multiple locations a unified view of their comparative performance.


Our BI experts integrated the BI system with their current EHR system and ran a query to add
the selected information. We helped them:

NPO healthcare center

Use the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to produce tabular reports with multiple displays as well in the form of data, graphs, images, and charts.

NPO healthcare center

Create excel reports for data visualization and pivot charts for advanced analytics

NPO healthcare center

Checked EHR performance at various stages to ensure no downtime.

NPO healthcare center

Generated ad-hoc reports in less than 3 hours with specific data requirements.

NPO healthcare center

The client could closely monitor their revenue and financial reports

NPO healthcare center

Improved patient experience through better appointment booking

NPO healthcare center

Benefited from BI-EHR integration. since they could get insightful data on their performance and understand the root of problems

NPO healthcare center
NPO healthcare center

Reduced managers' menial task list by 25%

NPO healthcare center

Increased revenue increased from better physician performance tracking

NPO healthcare center

Received custom reports when needed

Track all metrices that matter to your hospital or clinic performance.

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