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Business Intelligence

For Nonprofit Hospitals, Clinics, And Family Healthcare Centers.

  • Integration
  • Database Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Compliance
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What does your NPO Healthcare center need?

What does your NPO Healthcare center need?

Make informed decisions, aid compliance, and fuel fundraising with the Power of Data Analytics

As a non-profit healthcare clinic and Family health center, we know your outreach and fundraising efforts can be challenging. You need to know everything about your different activities and campaigns like

Fundraising sources
Spending allocations
Prospective donor lists
Grant deadlines
Events and campaigns reports

With the Power of Business Intelligence, we can help you get all this data on a unified dashboard. We can integrate your Electronic health records (EHR)/ Electronic medical records EMR with the business intelligence system. We have helped many of our NPO clients with such reports to get more information and metrics on doctor/ clinician/ nurse productivity.

Data can help you predict future trends, gather donor statistics, analyze fundraising trends, and more. If you want to improve your donor base for your clinic, contact us today?

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Case Study

Leading Nonprofit healthcare center leverages Business Intelligence reports and dashboards to optimize their operational, financial, and patient care strategies.

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Make your multiple data sources talk to each other seamlessly.

Make your multiple data sources talk to each other seamlessly.

Data can be a goldmine of information if collected and organized properly. But it is challenging to get a 360-degree view when it is coming from disparate sources. However, we can help by building an integrated system where your disparate data sources talk to each other and generate reports and dashboards in the way you want.

Leverage statistics to streamline and optimize your complex processes

We have extensive experience working with non-profits and healthcare facilities. We have built BI dashboards and reports to track your industry-specific KPI like:

  • Average Hospital Stay
  • Patient Wait Time
  • Treatment Costs
  • Hospital Readmission Rates
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Safety
  • ER Wait Time
  • Fundraising Initiatives

These reports can help you get a clear picture of the processes that need to be improved or optimized.

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Keep your facility’s operations lean and efficient

BI not only gives you a global view of the status of your operations, but it can also identify risks to your nonprofit.

Data Visualization helps to understand how your facility allocates its resources and identify any time-consuming or costly processes. You can make informed decisions like moving your resources from one department to the other or make some complex processes simpler to engage more people.

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Forecast future opportunities using predictive analytics

Forecast future opportunities using predictive analytics

Forecast future opportunities using predictive analytics

Using predictive analytics, you can easily tap into data like repeat donors and new donors to determine where their organization is heading. With these metrics in hand it is possible to ask why they donated.

Study metrics of result from different campaigns like fundraising events, email, or social media. If one area shows more promise than the others, you can put more effort behind that campaign because you feel confident in the results.

Another use of predictive analytics reports can be analyzing patient trends. By reviewing historic data on patient visits, your non-profit healthcare clinic can add or reduce staff accordingly.

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