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Business Intelligence for Insurance

Unleash the power of insurance analytics to make informed decisions.

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Get greater visibility with Insurance Business Intelligence solutions

Get greater visibility with Insurance Business Intelligence solutions

The insurance industry is vulnerable to risk and fraud-related challenges. Insurance industry stakeholders and senior management need dynamic and comprehensive reports to quickly ensure the safety of their organization.

Our highly intuitive insurance BI solutions, dashboard & analytics is a one-stop solution for insurance industry executives, MDs, & CEOs. We have covered all kinds of solutions like Insurance data analytics, data management, data Science, and predictive analytics.

Mitigate risk through unified dashboards

Due to the insurance industry’s history of risky policies, they always need a way to analyze their customer’s propensity to take specific actions on their policy. To mitigate this risk, it is important to streamline the information flow and to have accurate analysis and automated insights so insurance enterprises can draw a complete picture of their portfolio.
Insurance executives benefit by having all this information on a unified dashboard. The dashboard collects data from various sources like CRMs, claims management systems, and customer service tools. These platforms must be in sync and data generated from these is utilized to create intuitive and valuable reports.

Mitigate risk through unified dashboards
Mitigate risk through unified dashboards

Optimize Claims management lifecycle

At the heart of the customer service experience in the insurance industry is the claims management process. Claims handlers optimize the claims process, minimizing losses, and increase customer satisfaction by speeding up the entire process. To do their jobs efficiently, claim handlers need relevant information like policy types, duration, and customer information. Business intelligence can give insurance professionals the tools they need to make quick, confident, and accurate choices to keep customers satisfied.

Combat fraud

According to reports from the Insurance Information Institute, fraud costs the insurance industry up to 70 billion dollars each year. It is extremely important to combat fraud as early as possible for the health of your insurance company. BI and predictive analytics play a crucial role in early fraud detection. It provides you the necessary information, statistics, and trends which Insurers can utilize in understanding issues.

For ages, insurers have been relying on trends to understand the nature of their business. Business intelligence uses predictive analytics combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and predictive modeling to identify fraudulent claims earlier in the claim’s life cycle.

Optimize Claims management lifecycle

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Explore sales, customer service, and operation opportunities
with real-time data

Get greater visibility with Insurance Business Intelligence solutions

Real-time data opens a wealth of opportunities. Whether you want to optimize an existing solution or want to understand the gimmicks in policy sales, risk management, or regulatory compliance, real-time BI plays an important role everywhere. Companies can react to industry changes much faster than before, so stakeholders have sufficient time to deal with new situations and opportunities.

Custom BI dashboards and reports help sales managers and representatives understand data in a fraction of the time it previously took, so they can determine which areas of the business are performing well, ones that need attention, and areas that have potential growth opportunities.

To help you, our BI developers and consultants have a clear approach to developing real-time dashboards due to their in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry.

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Power of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is extremely powerful which is the reason insurance players have been using this technology for years. They understood past insights and can compare them with current events to draw a picture of future trends.

Insurance companies construct basic patterns to receive fundamental insights about the insurance business and the complex relationship between agents and clients. Furthermore, predictive analytics helps with better claims management and clearer underwriting services

Finally, the technology also addresses the challenge of untimely policy cancellations. Predicting policy cancellations refocuses insurance companies’ relationships with clients and their ability to develop a business plan with a uniform growth revenue model.

Get greater visibility with Insurance Business Intelligence solutions

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Insurance Service Provider leverages Predictive Analytics to Reduce Policy Cancellation Risks

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Insurance company embraces Power BI dashboards to boost their sales team's productivity.

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