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Join our Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 and Get Free Cyber Security Assessment

Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key

Your Free Security Assessment Awaits This National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

With Beyond Key, It’s Easy to Stay Safe Online

2023 is echoing with whispers of cyber threats. Every click, download, and email hold potential danger. Invisible foes exploit unseen vulnerabilities, with consequences that are all too real. Now, imagine turning the tables. Seems tricky? It’s not. That power is within your reach.

This October, during cybersecurity awareness month, Beyond Key invites you to be a part of a monumental change; a transformation that begins with a simple, yet powerful step - a free audit.

Exclusive Audit Offer

Seize the opportunity and claim one of our 10 free audit slots during the cybersecurity awareness month. We focus on a different area each week, giving you the chance to secure all aspects of your digital presence.

Your Four-Week Journey to Peace of Mind

Web Health Check

Web Health Check We'll take a careful look at your website, making sure it's safe and secure. No need to worry about hidden threats this cyber security month.

Mobile Protection

Mobile Protection We turn your mobile platforms into safe spaces. Your business in your pocket? We've got it covered.

Network Tune-up

Network Tune-up We give your digital infrastructure the strength it needs. Smooth operations, no interruptions.

Server Shield

Server Shield We protect your valuable data, keeping it safe from intruders. With our free cyber security assessment, your peace of mind is our priority.

Claim Your Free Audit!

Benefits of the Free Audit

Expert Insights

Expert Insights Discover hidden weak spots and plan your protection.

Be a Pioneer

Be a Pioneer Become part of a group that prioritizes taking action for safety.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Be at ease knowing your cybersecurity is secure and up-to-date.

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant Ensure your practices meet regulatory standards this cyber security month.

This October. With cyber awareness 2023. Outsmart the Invisible, Champion the Unseen.

Why Your Business Needs Cybersecurity?

Without Cybersecurity

  • Vulnerable to ransomware, up by 485% during COVID-19
  • At risk of cyberattacks, up by 150% on healthcare organizations
  • Potential cost of $4.24 million per data breach
  • Vulnerable to remote work-related incidents, up by 400% since pandemic
  • BEC scams could cost your business a part of the $26 billion loss worldwide

With Beyond Key's Cybersecurity

  • Implement a 'zero trust' model, reducing successful attacks by 80%
  • Deploy automated security technologies, reducing remediation time by 48%
  • Utilize encryption technologies, saving an average of $400,000 per breach
  • Apply security automation, reducing detection and response time by 90%
  • Leverage our SOAR platform, cutting down investigation and remediation time by 80%

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