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Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

Beyond Key

Donor Management Software to Drive Your Nonprofit Forward

You have a vision for your nonprofit, and Beyond Key's Donor Management Software can help you make it a reality. Our optimized Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform enables you to configure the 365 Nonprofit Kickstarter to meet your unique needs. With standard core systems and fields, including Donor Accounts and Contacts, managing your data is a breeze. Our pre-built features, tailored for charities, enable you to improve engagement with current and potential donors. And with integration with other systems, you get a complete and accurate view of your data. Unleash your nonprofit's potential with Beyond Key.

Make Fundraising Effortless
The Non-profit CRM Kickstarter
  • Accessible through browser and mobile devices
  • Works seamlessly with the Microsoft stack
  • Integration with Office, SharePoint, and Power BI
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Cloud ready with zero coding required at your end
  • Customizable and Scalable
  • On-demand Integrations available
  • Zero Coding Required
  • 24X7 Support with Training

Real-Time Donor Management Solutions

Get real-time visibility with Beyond Key's Donor Management Software for nonprofits. Our CRM is ready-to-kickstart and designed for Donations, Volunteer, Fundraising and Events Management. Built on the CDM, our software provides the foundational infrastructure and functionality to track, manage and grow your donors and prospects:

  • Constituent management: Track 360-degree view of constituent data
  • Donation management: Manage donations and donor commitments
  • Fundraising: Track end-to-end fundraising across gift types
  • Grants/awards management
Achieve Real-time Visibility
  • Connect beneficiaries and program delivery
  • Customer engagement and Content Management
  • Integration with Power Platform, SharePoint and Outlook
  • Dynamics CRM non-profit accelerator implementation

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Constituents

Beyond Key's Nonprofit CRM simplifies your donor management. Our Constituent Management feature is designed for program delivery and international data standards, giving you a 360-degree view of donors and prospects. Easily track, manage, and understand their needs to improve engagement. Get Constituent Management made easy with Beyond Key.

Fast-Track Your Nonprofit with D365 Kick-Starter

Get ready to adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Kickstarter quickly if you:

  • Have a list of donors, donations, and accounts in an Excel workbook
  • Use a legacy system
  • Use another CRM and want to switch to Microsoft environment
  • Want your data to be on the cloud
  • Need a user-friendly solution that doesn't require coding
  • Make the most of your nonprofit with Beyond Key's Donor Management Software.

Best CRM for nonprofits on the go

Sail through the process of configuring your CRM with Beyond Key's technology partnership. Meet your organizational fundraising goals with ease. Alternatively, download the Nonprofit CRM Kickstarter for easy management of Donations, Fundraising, and Program Delivery.

Explore the features and receive technical support at every stage. Need additional configurations? We are here to help and deliver exactly what you need.On-demand customizations

  • Feature, third-party integrations
  • Consulting on licensing

Drive Your Mission Forward

By partnering with Beyond Key with our custom Fundraising and Engagement system. We are experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will install, integrate, and configure it to match best practices, import your lists, and provide standard training to give you momentum.

We will also customize the kick-starter for gift receipts and acknowledgements, security roles, and a payment gateway. Plus, we will integrate with MS Teams, Outlook, Power BI, SharePoint, and more. Drive your mission forward with Beyond Key.

Transform your mission today!


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