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Human Resource Analytics

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What is HR Analytics?

What is HR Analytics?

HR analytics, also referred to as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics, involves gathering, analyzing, and reporting HR data. It enables your organization to measure the impact of a range of HR metrics on overall business performance and make decisions based on data. In other words, HR analytics is a data-driven approach toward Human Resources Management specifically on employee performance, talent management, and workforce analytics.

How is HR Analytics useful to HRs?

Organizations have one thing in common and that is HR functioning and associated documents. HR segment is known for the volume of data they must capture and secure every day. Every Functioning of HRs has undergone a tremendous change over the years. Earlier counted as a process-driven function but now it is more of an output-driven function. HR must quantify their processes and make them measurable. There are specific KPIs that are measurable in every HR department like employee performance, employee retention, attrition rates, Talent, and skill rates, and so on.

HR analytics is focused on collecting, monitoring, and analyzing human resource (HR) data to generate actionable insights and improve a company’s workforce, people, and/or talent management performance.

Some of the benefits of using HR analytics are:
  • Improving on Hiring practices and Management information
  • Improving and sustaining employee performance
  • Automating manual HR tasks
  • Understanding loopholes of an organization that lead to attrition
  • Visualizing People data to predict future demand in skills
  • Trend Analysis and forecasting on future employee behaviors and terminations.
 HR Analytics useful to HRs

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Key KPIs and Metrics in an HR report

There may be several KPIs related to human resources functions which may be related to people directly or to people’s performance or Process effectiveness and so on. Every organization has an HR department but the functioning of every HR varies in organizations, so do their KPIs or metrics.

Our Analytics team has done an in-depth study of all the major KPIs related to the HR department and below is the list to give you an overview of what your dashboard should comprise while sorting out KPIs for your organizational dashboard.

Key Human Resource metrics
  • Seniority
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education level
  • Function type
  • FTE
  • Employees Active
  • Turnover
  • New hires
  • Absence
  • Cost of absence
  • Cost of labor
  • Training cost
  • Recruitment cost
  • Time to fill
Workforce Management KPIs
  • Absenteeism rate
  • ROI of outsourcing
  • Succession planning rate
  • Open/closed grievances
  • Promotion rate
  • Time to productivity
  • Successor gap rate
  • Worker composition by gender, experience, and tenure
  • Internal mobility
  • Manager quality index
  • HR effectiveness
  • Employee satisfaction rates
  • Training ROI
Compensation KPIs
  • HR functional operating expense rate
  • Labor cost per FTE
  • Labor cost revenue percent
  • Labor cost revenue expense percent
  • Total benefits as a percentage of labor costs
  • Revenue per FTE
  • Profit vs. compensation per FTE
  • HR functional cost per employee
  • Human capital ROI
Recruitment KPIs
  • Quality of hire
  • Vacancy rate
  • Turnover rate
  • Resignation/retirement rate
  • External hire rate
  • Time-to-fill
  • Diversity, experience, and gender hire ratio
  • Recruiting funnel metrics
  • Talent import/export ratio
  • Voluntary turnover rate
  • Retention rate
  • Recruiting expense per new hire
  • Retirement rate forecast

Our HR Analytics Dashboard Samples

HR Analytics

HR analytics dashboard

Executive Summary

Our HR analytics Executive summary dashboard is where one can have a bird's eye view of all the Key HR KPIs at a glance. As the name suggests, this dashboard is very useful for the top-level executives of the organization like CEO, COO, CTI, VPs, and head – HR. It helps you understand where your organization is in terms of Demographics, Hirings, Open positions or rate of termination, etc. It is a more visual dashboard.

HR analytics dashboard executive summary


As the name of this dashboard suggests, it gives an overview of all the major statistics, the HR team is looking for like headcount, salary, department-wise team strength, new hires, and terminations, and more. This dashboard gives you numbers instead of graphs and charts.

HR analytics dashboard overview


HR executives need to strike a balance in their workforce and maintain diversity. So, they need to fully understand the demographic characteristics of their employees. This HR dashboard template helps HR professionals analyze their employee data based on gender distribution, ethnicity, designation type, department, location, structure, job function, and tenure.

HR analytics dashboard demographics


To understand and fulfill the diverse needs of any organization, HRs must keep a close watch on diversity in their employees. To monitor this, diversity dashboards come in handy which give you a glance of diversity in hiring, gender, grade, employee group, and business units. Even, you can understand the diversity in the number of terminations happening.

HR analytics dashboard diversity


This dashboard showcases the different awards each team received. The dashboard shows the yearly performance, award type, groups & designations.

HR analytics dashboard awards

Open Position

This dashboard gives a glance over the newly open positions in any organization. One can easily identify the open positions by job function, business unit, location, diversity, grades, etc., and also get an understanding of temporary and permanent positions.

HR analytics dashboard open position

Filled Positions

This dashboard gives the details about recently filled/ hired people and positions Number of positions filled by job function, business unit, location, diversity, grades, etc. This dashboard gives a glance over the newly open positions in any organization. One can easily identify the open positions by job function, business unit, location, diversity, grades, etc., and also get an understanding of temporary and permanent positions.

HR analytics dashboard filled positions


This report helps to analyze the termination data of employees by gender, ethnicity, designation type, location, experience, job function, & tenure.This dashboard gives a glance over the newly open positions in any organization. One can easily identify the open positions by job function, business unit, location, diversity, grades, etc., and also get an understanding of temporary and permanent positions.

HR analytics dashboard termination


This hiring dashboard provides an overall view of the hiring process of a company, along with important HR KPIs and metrics. You learn about the number of open positions, the number of applicants for those positions, and details of hiring for the grades, age, month, location, etc.

HR analytics dashboard hiring


Based on various trends- A forecast of some of the KPIs can be done like the number of openings the organization can have in any upcoming month. Or possible terminations that can happen in a few months. Forecasting can also be done for possible hirings that can happen in some time so the onboarding team can plan. Organizations can set up their future goals and vision as per the forecast of possible headcount they may have over a period on quarter, half-year, or annually.

Forecasting can give stakeholders insightful details on the upcoming budget and hiring goals.

HR analytics dashboard forecast

Our Approach for developing HR analytics dashboards

Phase 1

Finalizing the requirement

Assessment session

Envisioning session

Designing Workshop

Phase 2



Design and Development

Phase 3


Testing and Deployment

Phase 4


Support and Maintenance

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