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Intelligent Document
Processing Solutions

Beyond Key’s revolutionary IDP technology doesn't just scan documents. It extracts and understands the data within, delivering actionable insights to transform your business.

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IDP-  Processing Solutions

We Get it. Running a Business is Tough

It often means drowning in a sea of paperwork. Invoices, claims, reports - the torrent never ends. Not only is manual processing tedious and time-consuming, it's also prone to human error. But there is to be a better way with Beyond Key's intelligent document processing solutions.

Say Goodbye to
Manual Data Entry

Processing paperwork manually is frustrating and inefficient. With intelligent document processing services from Beyond Key:

Tableau Consulting

Slash costs by reducing manual labour and paper-based processes. Automate data extraction and unlock substantial savings.

Beyond Key - Java For Customer Experience Reinvented

Boost speed and efficiency across operations. Unstructured data becomes structured data instantaneously, accelerating workflows.

Beyond Key - Java For Adapt with Ease

Convert documents 40x faster than manual data entry. Our intelligent OCR technology works in seconds versus minutes per document.

Beyond Key - Java For Data Protection

Achieve over 98% data accuracy. Advanced algorithms and machine learning guarantee precision while eliminating human error risks.

Beyond Key - Java for Steady Growth

Free up staff for higher-value work. When intelligent technology handles routine tasks, talent is unleashed to focus on strategy and customers.

Precision Data Extraction

Here's what you get with our IDP Solutions

Precision Data Extraction

  • Advanced deep learning algorithms accurately identify and classify over 300 document types - from invoices to medical records.
  • Customizable data models extract tailored information from tables, checkboxes, text fields based on your unique requirements.
  • Entity relationship mapping automatically detects connections between extracted data elements like names, dates, addresses.
  • Achieve over 99% accuracy for data extracted from complex documents like financial reports and legal contracts.

Insight in Seconds, Not Hours

During data migration, we follow a standard procedure that includes the analysis, planning, migration, and post-migration phases.

Beyond Key's IDP solutions allow you to:


Instantly locate any document with a few clicks. Quickly retrieve contracts, medical records, claims reports - saving hours.


Make better, faster decisions with rapid access to information. No more waiting around for the data you need.


Reduce compliance risks when data is readily available. Intelligent solutions ensure you always have the information at hand.


Provide exceptional customer service. Respond to inquiries, claims and requests promptly when documents are digitized.


Detect signatures accurately with our advanced AI, confirming identities and extracting details, speeding processing and improving efficiency for organizations.

Extracting Insights, Not Just Data

Basic data extraction is easy. Deriving meaning is hard. Beyond Key's intelligent document processing solutions unlock deep insights from your documents through:

  • Advanced classification - Understanding document types and data fields.
  • Relationship mapping - Identifying connections between entities.
  • Sentiment analysis - Detecting opinions, emotions, and attitudes.
  • Intelligent capture - Converting scanned images into editable formats.
  • Custom data models - Tailoring extraction to your unique requirements.

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tailored to your specific document processing needs.

The Future of Intelligent Document Processing Solutions

Beyond Key provides more than just leading-edge IDP technology. We offer solutions specially designed for your needs.

  • For legal firms, we optimize contract management - identifying clauses, tracking versions, reducing risk.
  • In healthcare, we streamline patient records - improving care quality and regulatory compliance.
  • For insurers, we automate claims processing - enhancing speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • In procurement, we simplify invoice handling - matching with purchase orders and accelerating approvals.

No matter your industry or specific requirements, our intelligent document processing solutions will transform how you operate - delivering powerful capabilities unmatched by any other provider.

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Signature Detection

Still not convinced? See what more we have for you

Beyond Key - HR Analytics Solutions - Actionable Insights
Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

  • API and webhook integration allow extracted data to flow seamlessly into your existing systems.
  • RPA bots can be leveraged to automate processes using extracted data.
  • CRM, ERP tools sync effortlessly with structured IDP data outputs.
  • Easy connectivity with business intelligence platforms like Power BI for data analytics.
Beyond Key - HR Analytics Solutions - Real-time Data
Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

  • Active machine learning models continuously improve in accuracy through human-in-the-loop validation.
  • Retraining pipelines ensure models adapt to new document types and evolving information needs.
  • Custom rules and validation scripts further refine data extraction quality over time.
  • Detailed analytics dashboard tracks model performance across metrics like precision, recall and accuracy.
Beyond Key - HR Analytics Solutions - Simple and Powerful
Uncompromising Security

Uncompromising Security

  • Enterprise-grade security provisions like role-based access control, SSO, and data encryption.
  • Robust privacy protection including data anonymization and redaction.
  • Regular security audits, penetration testing, and achievement of global compliance certifications.
  • Zero-trust approach ensures customer data protection above all else.

Experience Results, Not Just Promises with our
document processing services

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Our Ethical
Development Process

Beyond Key recognizes that AI-powered technology comes with great responsibility. That's why our IDP solutions are developed ethically through:

Intentional dataset design

Intentional dataset design Proactively avoiding bias or imbalance.

Extensive accuracy testing

Extensive accuracy testing Ensuring fair, reliable predictions across demographics.

Careful selection of data sources

Careful selection of data sources We never use unethical/unauthorized data for training models.

Complete transparency

Complete transparency Being fully open on model capabilities, limitations and performance.

Partnering with our customers

Partnering with our customers To carefully assess use cases and monitor ongoing performance.

Beyond Key - Java - Tested Roadmap

Experience the Beyond Key Difference

When it comes to intelligent document processing applications, settle for nothing less than the best. Don't just digitize documents. Revolutionize your business. With Beyond Key, you're not just getting technology. You're gaining a team of experts committed to your success.

Intelligent document processing companies like Beyond Key is the key to unlocking your true business potential. Let us show you what it can do for your organization.

Contact Beyond Key to schedule a free customized demonstration and start your intelligent document processing journey today.

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