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Manufacturing Dashboard & Analytics

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Manufacturing BI

Boost Your Manufacturing Unit's True Potential with Beyond Key's Power BI Manufacturing Dashboard and Analytics Solutions.

Manufacturing units are drowning in a flood of data. But collecting data isn't the real challenge – it's making that data meaningful for strategic decision-making.

Data overload suffocates manufacturing units, hindering agility, productivity, and competitiveness. It's time to break free from the data trap and unlock your business's true potential with Beyond Key.

Our cutting-edge Microsoft Power BI manufacturing dashboard and analytics solutions are tailor-made for modern manufacturing units, helping you optimize efficiency and unlock valuable insights across operations, supply chain, inventory, financials, and more.

Here are some of the processes in which manufacturing dashboard can help,

Optimize workforce performance

Empower your employees with manufacturing analytics & dashboards to accelerate decision-making. Move from data to actionable insights in hours, not months. Using the manufacturing production dashboard they can analyze production, sales, and revenue data securely using industry standard data security and access controls offered by Power BI.

Manufacturing BI - Optimize workforce performance
Manufacturing BI - Create robust supply chain

Create robust supply chain

Discover data driven actionable insights based on warehouse capacity usage, inventory levels, and delivery logistics to discover the bottlenecks in your supply chain. By using manufacturing dashboards, you can better position yourself to plan and meet future customer demand.

Build versatile and agile factories

Using this custom manufacturing dashboard, you can identify areas of operational efficiency in real time by analyzing the costs, capacity, and output data to avoid any delays across the manufacturing pipeline. With Power BI you can visualize a large volume of data from equipment sensors, then utilize AI to predict hardware issues and prevent production disruptions.

Manufacturing BI - Build versatile and agile factories
Manufacturing BI - Engage with customers and identify new sales opportunities

Engage with customers and identify new sales opportunities

Analyze customer patterns using manufacturing analytics and provide personalized services based on those patterns, leveraging deep driven insights from your marketing, sales, and service data.

Use Power BI’s advanced analytics and predictive analytics capabilities to remotely monitor equipment and provide proactive, preventive maintenance.

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