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OCR Document Verification Made Easy

Stop manual document processing —
Automate with AI.

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Beyond Key - OCR Document Verification

Transform document verification with the power of AI. Beyond Key provides the automation you need to:

OCR - Speed processingSpeed processing OCR - Reduce costs Reduce costs OCR - Improve compliance Improve compliance OCR - Delight customers Delight customers

We handle the complexity of AI, so your team can focus
on higher-value work. Experience intelligent document
validation software for yourself.

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Beyond Key - OCR - Data Accuracy

99% Data Accuracy

Beyond Key - OCR - Faster Processing

90% Faster Processing

Beyond Key - OCR - Error Reduction

50% Error Reduction

Accurate Data Extraction with OCR

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology can read text in scanned documents, PDFs, images, and handwritten notes. It converts all information into searchable, editable data.

Our AI-powered OCR document verification software accurately extracts information from:

Beyond Key - Driver's licenses
Driver's licenses
Beyond Key - Passports
Beyond Key - Utility bills
Utility bills
Beyond Key - Medical records
Medical records
Beyond Key - OCR - Invoices
Beyond Key - OCR - Receipts
Beyond Key - OCR - Contracts
Beyond Key - OCR - Handwritten notes
Handwritten notes
Beyond Key - OCR - Typed or printed text
Typed or printed text
Beyond Key - OCR - Complex tables and charts
Complex tables and charts

Streamline Identity Verification with Document Validation Services

Manual document verification services take too much time and lead to frustrating customer experiences. Beyond Key's
intelligent document validation service automates identity checks and document validation to:

  • Verify customer identities in real-time by crosschecking IDs and documents.
  • Reduce data entry errors by extracting information accurately.
  • Accelerate document processing with an automated verification system.
  • Document verification ai helps shorten customer onboarding timelines.
  • Improve data security and compliance with detailed audit trials.
  • Identify missing or fraudulent documentation for further review.
  • Provide better visibility to case workers to enhance customer experiences.
OCR - Document Validation Services

Automate document verification with AI-powered OCR

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The Power of Intelligent Document Validation Software

Beyond Key combines OCR capabilities with intelligent document processing features, including:

OCR capabilities

What you get with Beyond Key:

  • Continuously improving extraction accuracy.
  • Analyzing document formats and fields for classification.
  • Interpret text for context.
  • Validate data against parameters.
  • Automating document workflows.
  • Integrating with existing systems.
  • Encrypt accessible cloud platform.

Why Customers Love Our Document Verification Services

Our platform uses AI to validate documents with more accuracy in seconds.

Onboard customers instantly

  • Get an Automated verification system against databases.
  • AI flags suspicious documents in real time.
  • Reduces missing documents and speeds up approvals.

"We went from a 2-week backlog to onboarding customers in under 1 day."

Onboard Customers
99% Accuracy

Extract data with 99% accuracy

  • Accurate OCR for any document.
  • Integrates structured and unstructured data.
  • Bots handle data entry; staff focus on complex tasks.

"Automated document verification eliminated 50% of our manual work overnight."

Maintain compliance with changing regulations

  • Rules engine adapts to any verification guidelines or requirements
  • Audit trails track document changes, actions, and approvals
  • Stay compliant as regulations change across jurisdictions

"We update our platform as regulations change so our customers don't have to."

Maintain Compliance

Increase data accuracy by up to 99% and reduce document
processing costs by 80%

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Experience the Document Verification AI Benefits in Your Organization

Optimizing document verification solution with Beyond Key's AI-powered OCR delivers rapid ROI by:

Optimizing document verification solution
  • Reducing manual data entry costs.
  • Accelerating customer onboarding.
  • Minimizing errors improves accuracy.
  • Increasing compliance with audits.
  • Freeing employees for value tasks.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Growing business capacity and profits.

Automated Verification System Workflows

Our intelligent document verification software lets you:

Instantly Extract Data from Documents

Instantly Extract Data from Documents

  • Extracts text and handwriting.
  • OCR Verification converts documents to searchable data.
  • Captures info from multiple formats.
  • OCR Form processing supports various languages.
Seamlessly Integrate OCR Capabilities

Seamlessly Integrate OCR Capabilities

  • Easy API and SDK integration.
  • No need to replace systems.
  • Bot Studio enables custom automation.
Configure Validation Rules and Workflows

Configure Validation Rules and Workflows

  • Create business logic for verification.
  • Set data parameters and thresholds.
  • Automate workflows with drag-and-drop.
Seamlessly Integrate OCR Capabilities

Access an Encrypted Cloud Platform

  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Highly secure cloud infrastructure.
  • Robust disaster recovery.
  • Detailed audit trails for compliance.
Deploy Rapidly With Minimal IT Involvement

Deploy Rapidly With Minimal IT Involvement

  • Cloud platform enables remote access.
  • Quick ramp up with training.
  • Agents ready in 1-2 days.
Achieve High Accuracy and Significant Productivity Gains

Achieve High Accuracy and Significant Productivity Gains

  • AI & ML optimizes OCR data extraction.
  • +99% data accuracy achieved.
  • 80% cost reduction in verification.
  • 65% faster customer onboarding.

Start Automating Your Document Verification Now

Beyond Key makes it easy to transition from manual processes to automated document verification solutions powered by intelligent OCR.
Contact our experts to implement AI-powered document processing specific to your needs.

More Reasons to Make the Switch

  • Built for enterprise scale and security
  • Customizable workflows for your needs
  • Rapid automation with no code required
  • On-premise or cloud deployment
OCR - Customizable workflows

Your Documents Verified in 3 Steps

1 Documents uploaded to our secure platform
2 AI extracts and crosschecks data against rules
3 Validated documents delivered to your systems

"The level of service exceeds every expectation.
I'd recommend Beyond Key to anyone."

- FinTech CFO.

See for yourself how much time and money you can save.

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From the Founder

As a leader in AI research, we saw firsthand how modern techniques like deep learning could transform document processing. But most companies build AI just for niche document types.

We believe that AI should be accessible to any organization. Our intelligent document processing platform works across your entire document ecosystem.

The team is obsessed with using AI to help you serve customers faster. I hope you'll join us on the journey to automate document verification.

Piyush Goel
(Founder and CEO)

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