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On-demand Webinar

Unleash the Power of Data Analytics (Panel Discussion)

How Automation Testing Saves Time and Money

Webinar Description:

As organizations continue to accumulate data from various sources, it is vital to have a plan to use that data constructively. Data analytics uncovers your organization's past story to extrapolate what the future could look like for your organization. Watch the On-Demand Webinar now.

Key benefits of watching the on-demand webinar:

  • Get a complete overview of Data Analytics
  • Know how Data Analytics will help you with better decision making
  • Understand how to use Data Analytics to its full potential
  • Learn how to convert massive data into meaningful patterns
  • Why is data analytics vital to your business operations?

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Webinar Panelists

Piyush Goel
Piyush Goel
CEO, Beyond Key

As a CEO, Piyush Goel sets the strategic direction, promotes Beyond Key’s values, leads their client-first culture, and focuses on ensuring the company’s sustainable growth.

He founded Beyond Key in 2005 with a vision to develop solutions that would transform global business operations forever.

With a vision to explore and capture global markets, he moved to Chicago in 2017 and established Beyond Technologies LLC as the group’s global headquarter.

As a successful entrepreneur and experienced technology executive, Piyush helps clients with their digital transformation needs through listening, strategy innovation, and constant learning.

Piyush Richhariya - Director of IT
Piyush Richhariya
Director of IT, Shelterpoint

An experienced, skilled and certified “InsurTech Leader” with proven track record in Digital Transformation & Value based management practices.

Certified in the area of IT Governance with proven track record in strategic alignment of organization’s IT strategy with their Corporate Strategy to achieve goals of benefit realization , risk optimization, and resource optimization.

Exceptional capabilities in creating and disseminating vision statements through the different organizational tiers of management.

Expert in the value based application of tools ranging from ‘simple innovations’, ‘process improvements’ to ‘advanced software technologies’ for process improvement, efficiency and to provide the foundation for next-generation ideas, development, and implementation.

Raj Krishnan - Industry Digital Strategist, Microsoft
Raj Krishnan
Industry Digital Strategist, Microsoft

Raj Krishnan is an advisor at Beyond Key who guides management on creating and executing Beyond Key's advisory strategy and leading our global advisory capabilities. Raj is also an Industry Digital Strategist with Microsoft.

He brings over 25+ years of experience as a renowned technology enthusiast with deep expertise in AI, Modern Data Warehouse, DevOps and Cloud design, and implementation services.

He is a regular speaker at Microsoft and other technology conferences both. Raj is a certified Microsoft Trainer and a hackathon coach, who also leads architecture design sessions and proof of concepts for various collaboration tools, web/mobile application development, DevOps, data & analytics, Office 365, and .NET development.

Finally, Raj is an Adjunct Professor at two Universities in Chicago, where he teaches Application Development, Data Warehousing, and Analytics.

John Cheng
John Cheng
Co-Founder and CEO, Baotris

John Cheng is the co-founder and CEO of Baotris. With a strong background in building sophisticated data products for large companies, John was inspired to start a company so smaller brands could realize and leverage those same competitive advantages.

Prior to co-founding Baotris, John co-founded Playnomics, a predictive data and marketing platform for mobile games and apps which was acquired by Unity Technologies. Post M&A, John took up a position as the General Manager of Unity Analytics, where he led the growth of the data platform to 1.5 billion users. John holds an MBA in Marketing & Technology from Kellogg and a BA in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

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