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.net eCommerce Jewelry Store Portfolio


Growth in revenues


Hour Invested




Technologies Used


Dedicated Resource Team


Growth in revenues


Hour Invested




Technologies Used


Resources Used


As an e-commerce site in today’s environment, it is very important to have strong technology infrastructure to stay above your competition. Over the last 10+ year, Beyond Key hasn't just been an outsourcing company for us, but an extension to our own team. They have a highly dedicated and stable team of engineers and project managers and are sure to add huge value to any business.

Shilp Agarwal (Founder/CEO,

Want to know more about Szul?

It is one of the first online jewelers to offer a remarkably wide selection of diamond, gemstone, and pearl jewelry. It is an exclusively Internet-based company, it is located in the heart of Manhattan's Diamond District. It is founded by jewelry industry experts and seasoned Internet and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Previous Situation

The customer had a basic Classic ASP website and wanted to catch up with the latest trend of selling stuff online, however old website had limited features.

The requirement for the new website was to make the site very user friendly, attractive, easy to operate and mobile device supported. Also wanted to migrate the existing site’s data to new website successfully.

Utilize the existing marketplaces like Amazon,, eBay, Sears etc. to increase revenues by connecting to more customers wasn’t easy using the old website’s architecture.

How we helped?


Beyond Key has successfully performed Technology upgrades for SZUL JEWELRY INC. during last 10 years.

We performed a huge data migration activity, and ensured uninterrupted services to SZUL’s customer during data migration process.

We integrated SZUL’s website with major business partners in the marketplace, like Amazon,, eBay, Sears etc. to increase SZUL’s revenues by connecting to more customers.

We improved the UI design to make it user friendly, attractive, easy to operate and mobile device supportable.

What all we did?

1. Product Search

Product Search feature provides a quick search on the product catalogue. It is implemented using the Solr search platform, which gives blazing- fast search results on a huge database using indexing.

2. Responsive Site design

Responsive Site design using HTML 5.0, bootstrap and MVC, so the UI layout adapts itself according to the viewing environment. It allows users to comfortably use the same website using mobile phones and tablets.

3. Integration with all major B2B partners / Market places

Such as Amazon US, Amazon UK,, Walmart, Post master data feed, Post Inventory, Import Orders in common system, Post shipment back to Amazon,,, NewEgg, eBay, Overstock,, Wayfair, Catalogue City, Apples of Gold, BrandsPlace, and

4. Integration with Payment Gateways

Such as, Amazon Payment, Authorized .NET, PayPal Vault, PayPal Express, PayPal Direct and Affirm.

5. Integration with all major shipping partners

Such as, USPS UPS, DHL, FedEx.

6. Shipping labels generation.

Customized Invoice and automatic Shipping labels generation.

7. Multiple categories support

Up to millions of products. This allows the creation of catalogue consisting of a large number of categories and products.

8. SZUL Admin - Dashboard

A single-panel dashboard that allows you to control your entire store is a valuable tool.

9. SZUL Admin - Order Management

These excellent features help you manage your orders effectively and efficiently.

10. SZUL Admin Catalog Management

SZUL Admin offers some great e-commerce catalog management features for the store.

11. SZUL Admin - Report Management

Manage and maintain reports with ease with SZUL Admin’s report management features.

Technologies Unleashed

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