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Sales Dashboards & Analytics

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What are Sales Dashboard and analytics?

What is HR Analytics?

Sales dashboards and analytics are the set of those important KPIs which are required to monitor the sales performance and growth of your company. Monitoring these KPIs help you in improving the sales strategy planning and forecasting for future sales predictions.

Why are the sales KPIs so important?

The sales Team needs dashboards and reports to understand where they stand in their sales goals. From top C-level executives and managers to everyone in the sales team have to go through detailed analyses of sales performance, cycle lengths, and sales funnel. Our customizable sales dashboards come in handy to give you a bird’s eye view of your key sales KPIs.

These dashboards enable your team to have a 360-degree view of your entire sales information like sales, profit, cost, revenue, and sources. They also help you to understand the analytics of your leads. There are specific sales comparison dashboards that help you to compare sales and cost by timeline. Sales performance dashboards help to give detailed insights on how the sales representatives are performing while the Forecast dashboard help to forecast the clause of sales, profits, costs and leads so stakeholders can predict the actions items for the future.

Let us see some of the custom Sales dashboards in action

Sales Analysis Dashboard

The sales Analysis dashboard is a holistic dashboard and visualization chart which gives salespeople quick insights into the number of sales, profit, net revenue, and expenses incurred in the given time frame. It also gives overview information of the sales team performance as well as a granular report on revenue and profit by year, quarter, and month. Similarly, it gives insight into sales by source and expense incurred. KPIs of this dashboard are customizable.

Leads Analysis dashboard

Leads Analysis dashboard

The Leads Analysis dashboard also called the sales to funnel dashboard gives you the entire picture of how leads are flowing in and out of your system. With this visual chart, your sales team can track the number of leads coming in any specific time frame. It also shows metrics of leads won and lost ratio, leads to opportunity ratio, and leads by each sales representative. This helps the stakeholders get a quick idea of the health of the business and the efforts put into each conversation happening on daily basis. It is a dashboard that not only gives granular insights but also helps to drill down into the Leads KPIs to see the possibilities for future improvement.

Sales Comparison Dashboard

The sales comparison dashboards give comparative insights like total sales, profit, and expenses year on year or month on month basis. This helps to understand how your sale and the overall performance of your business. Comparison is shown through a bar graph. Along with this tabular data of year on year cost and sales, metrics are also shown to quickly make you understand what’s the pace of your business growth and how it can be escalated further in coming years.

Sales Performance dashboard

Sales Performance Dashboard

The sales performance dashboard as the name suggests is a very important report. It is useful for the stakeholders and all the top executives from the sales team to monitor this dashboard. It shares insights into the performance of people who are responsible for the sales in the organization. Key metrics like what are the targets for each, how much are met, and who is performing and who is not able to perform- all these insights can be analyzed after looking at this sales performance dashboard.

Sales Forecast Dashboard

Another crucial report is the Sales Forecast Dashboard. It enables you to make more informed decisions in the future. Based on historical data, it predicts the values of your essential data that affect your business for future days.

Sales Forecast dashboard
Sales Objective dashboard

Sales Objective Dashboard

The Sales Objective report contains information about your goal as well as the amount of time it took you to achieve it, so you can plan your strategy accordingly. You can adjust your goal on the fly and obtain an estimate of how long it will take you to attain it.

Our Approach to Developing Sales analytics dashboards

Phase 1

Finalizing the requirement

Assessment session

Envisioning session

Designing Workshop

Phase 2



Design and Development

Phase 3


Testing and Deployment

Phase 4


Support and Maintenance

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