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Beyond Key - SharePoint Expert QA
Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key

Drive success with reliable QA Experts & SharePoint Testing Services

  • Comprehensive Testing
  • Increased productivity
  • QA approach with Manual/Automation/Performance for SharePoint
Maximize SharePoint Testing!

Why SharePoint?

  • Provides a centralized platform for seamless integration, reducing IT integration costs by 40%
  • Enables secure sharing of information, reducing data breaches by 50%
  • Enhances data security, reducing data breach incidents by 60%
  • Consolidates documents, improving information management by 30%
  • Improves user experience, increasing user adoption by 75%
Outsourcing Quality Assurance benefits

Why You Need SharePoint Testing?

As a business owner, you know how critical SharePoint is for seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows. But did you know that proper SharePoint testing is equally crucial for ensuring its success? Shockingly, 80% of SharePoint issues arise from inadequate testing, leading to costly consequences. By choosing SharePoint testing for your organization, you'll unlock a host of benefits. Enhanced data security, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boosted ROI are just some of the advantages. Trust us as your perfect testing partner, with our expert SharePoint testing services tailored to your unique needs. Don't compromise on the success of your SharePoint solution - choose us for reliable results!

Boost My SharePoint Results

What you get with our SharePoint Testing

Achieve unparalleled success with SharePoint Testing Services led by expert QA professionals. Experience comprehensive SharePoint testing solutions, including automated testing, for stringent quality and maximum code coverage. Benefit from flawless performance, thorough broken link and spell verification, and building test environment setup. Trust our certified SharePoint testing experts to optimize your solutions with confidence. Drive success with reliable SharePoint testing services today!

Testing processes

Testing processes

Better productivity

Better productivity

Stringent quality

Stringent quality

Good Code Coverage

Good Code Coverage

Broken Link verification

Broken Link verification

Spell Verification

Spell Verification

Building test environment set up

Building test environment set up

Certified testing professionals

Certified testing professionals

Our Packages are specially curated to serve all your needs

Flexibility and transparency is the key for our services to be 100% seamless for you. See our package lineup crafted to fit your requirements.

Features Free
(5 hrs. | Cost)
(5 hrs. | Cost)
Premium Packages
(5 hrs. | Cost)
Super Premium
Broken Link checker
Suggestions/Observation while reviewing the site as a part of consulting approach
UI/UX, Font/Family (N# Resolutions)
Images verification like Profile, Banner etc. for Dynamic appearance and tested by Admin
Tool tip/Alt Verifications – For, Labels, links, and images
Identifying business logic some end-to-end flow testing cases.
Any one Component testing like Polls, Post etc.
Lower-level environment (Staging/UAT)– not required to tested everything on production
Reports All errors & warning
In Addition to end-to-End flow will cover Regression cases (after reviewing the site functionality)
Any Two Component testing like Polls, Post etc.
How to make Intranet make productive (Study on Intranet for component – Suggestive study, which we can use, and which can remove.)
Analytics – analysis on analytical on the data on the site you collected.
All Component testing like Polls, Post etc..
Why Beyond Key?

Why Beyond Key?

Beyond Key's SharePoint testing services are tailored just for you! Our skilled testers use advanced tools to thoroughly test your SharePoint applications for functionality, performance, security, and usability. We fix any issues we find to ensure your applications are flawless and deliver an exceptional user experience. With our expertise, your SharePoint applications will be of top quality and reliability.

Choose Beyond Key for reliable and comprehensive SharePoint testing services that guarantee the success of your applications. Trust us to make your SharePoint testing hassle-free!


  • What is SharePoint QA? 

    SharePoint QA is all about testing SharePoint solutions to make sure they work well, perform smoothly, and are secure and user-friendly. It's done by SharePoint Testing Experts who identify and fix any issues or bugs before the solutions are deployed. Automated testing techniques are used for efficient testing. As a trusted SharePoint Testing Company, we offer what you need. End-to-end testing services for reliable and secure SharePoint solutions. 

  • What are the features of SharePoint testing? 

    The features of SharePoint testing include testing various aspects like document management, workflows, permissions, navigation, search functionality, integrations, user interfaces, and performance. SharePoint Testing Solutions are designed to find and fix any issues in SharePoint solutions, ensuring they meet quality standards. Automated testing techniques are used by SharePoint Testing Experts to streamline the testing process.

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