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Data Visualization:
Comparing Power BI, Tableau, and Domo

Data Visualization: Comparing Power BI, Tableau, and Domo

Webinar Description:

Data tells a story of where your company has gone and where you can go. The question is, do you see where it can lead your organization? If not, maybe you don’t have the right tools to get the job done.

Watch this on demand webinar to find out how to use some of the largest data visualization tools today to help your organization.

Key benefits of watching the on-demand webinar

  • Learn more about Power BI, Tableau, and Domo
  • Make faster decisions based on data
  • Make your data actionable
  • Data Visualization use cases
  • Demo of useful applications

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Webinar Presenters

Upcoming Webinar
Andy Nathan
Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive with a decade of experience helping clients across multiple industries implements the best technology solutions. These solutions enabled companies to improve their marketing and sales systems. As a former teacher with a Master’s in Education, he has the ability to turn confusing topics into clear concepts business professionals can use.

Upcoming Webinar
Abhinav Rawal
Team Lead

Abhinav has been the team lead at Beyond Key since 2015. During this time, he has been the lead consultant working with Breg. He has been in the software development industry since 2010. Before this, he received a degree in Information Technology from Dehradun U.P. Tech University. He specializes in SSAS, SSIS Cubes, and Power BI.

Upcoming Webinar
Abhishek Kushwah
Technical Lead

Seasoned Software Architect with over 14 years of experience in Microsoft BI Technologies like SQL SERVER, ASP.NET, SSIS, Power BI, SSRS, and Azure Data Warehouse. Abhishek also has significant experience working on cross Industry verticals like Insurance, healthcare, ISVs, Logistics, and others.

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