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A Complete Guide to Microsoft SharePoint Testing

The importance of SharePoint testing is massive for every organization out there, and everybody knows about it. However, this step is frequently skipped, which hurts the product and the company on an unimaginable scale.

About SharePoint

Alright, but what about SharePoint testing? How is it any different? Are there any additional perks in it? We know you must be having these questions. We will address them in this blog. But before we understand SharePoint Testing, let us see what SharePoint is, as per various definitions on the internet.

  • Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based document and collaboration management platform.
  • SharePoint is a web-based intranet that improves your organization’s collaboration and effectiveness by streamlining content accessibility and management.
  • SharePoint is a content management system. It allows groups to set up a password-protected, centralized document-sharing space. Documents can be downloaded, stored, edited, and uploaded for continued sharing.
  • SharePoint, an enterprise information portal from Microsoft, is configured to run Extranet, Intranet, and Internet sites.

SharePoint is a configurable document storage and management system under Microsoft Office License. SharePoint developers create customized SharePoint solutions for front-end use.

Now you know what SharePoint is. A powerful platform which accounts for hundreds and thousands of websites and millions of users. So SharePoint testing nothing but ensuring the effective roll out and performance of your SharePoint site.

Let’s see what happens when you opt to test your SharePoint-based applications.

The Positive Impact

Developing new applications with the SharePoint framework is simple yet out-of-the-box. When we go to a tailored solution, SharePoint application testing becomes essential to ensure a more refined quality application. QA teams need to check if the new customization is working fine or not as when MS provided new releases out-of-the-box).

To ensure the on-site QA for your website or component testing, QA teams will support developing, customizing, and managing SharePoint Online sites and workspaces within your organization.

SharePoint Testing Best Practices

Testing is a crucial activity in the case of SharePoint-based applications as well. Hence by following SharePoint Testing Best Practices, you can perform thorough testing on a web-based collaborative platform named SharePoint and achieve high-end software at the end. The result would be a seamless service that your customers can’t get enough of.

SharePoint helps create business solutions that you require. You can handle files, documents, websites, business intelligence, collaboration, social networks, extranets, and corporate search. SharePoint is like a holy grail for businesses if handled correctly.

Moreover, SharePoint automates workflows and integrates processes and systems while being a secured application targeted to a specific user base. In SharePoint, you need to test various levels of authorization as per assignment, component verifications, and broken links due to different components. There are addition and deletion of libraries per the admin’s requirement, which needs a check periodically.

Let us quickly tell you what you need to focus more on while doing testing on SharePoint-based applications.

Focus Points while Testing

  • Content
  • Windows-based Authentication
  • As SP is Intranet Based application – its securities
  • Data/content migration
  • Workflow understanding
  • Component Testing
  • Site Architecture and Server Farms
  • Web Parts
  • Add-ins – Version Verification
  • Creating, customizing, and managing SharePoint Online sites and workspaces within your organization
  • SharePoint Server upgradation
  • SharePoint server migration
  • Custom Development Verification with the same features is provided per the custom development asked by the Client.

Your testing teams should also be sufficiently committed to understanding the features and capabilities of the application. Additionally, they should be proficient in functional testing to guarantee that the app, software, or other product will function as intended and meet all user needs. If not, you might waste a lot of resources and time.

The Need for a Deeper Understanding

As an organization, you must get a deeper understanding of QA aspects. Reason? You’d know to whom to outsource your QA dependencies. Because being a SharePoint QA is not an easy task. At times, businesses try to get QA done manually. The problem is, skilled manual QA needs more knowledge on the below points understanding before starting as a SharePoint QA:

  • Authorization and Authentication
  • SharePoint Search
  • Site Architecture and Server Farms
  • Web Applications Architecture and Deployment
  • Enterprise Search
  • Social Networks Features
  • Web Parts
  • WCM (Web Content Management System) & ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Considerations

So before you make any decision, please ask your team about all possible problems raised by SharePoint’s limitations. For instance, the number of users in a group or the maximum size of files by type.

Restrictions Due to SharePoint Limitations

  • 2GB max file size of libraries and lists- In Document library we can upload file with 15GB in SharePoint online or SharePoint 2019
  • Maximum of 10MB for Excel books- In case you have Power BI Pro license then it can be extend till 250 mb
  • Max of 5,000 group members
  • A Threshold limit- 5000 for list views
  • Each member is part of a maximum of 5,000 groups
  • 5,000 synced items in a library
  • Storage limit around 5 GB

Before testing SharePoint-based applications, your team should consider all of these considerations because doing so requires detailed planning and attention to every detail to ensure the app’s compatibility with different parts and versions.

If you want to ensure Microsoft SharePoint runs without a hitch and eliminates all errors. In that case, you can consider a reliable software testing company that has a Selenium framework to test web applications and can help you get the best user experience.

The SharePoint Testing Checklist

Here’s something more your team must consider when performing SharePoint testing. These are compatibility, performance, security, interface, and usability testing.

As a SharePoint QA expert, one must be ready with the “SharePoint Testing Checklist.”

  • Session related verifications
  • The error rate must be at an adequate level.
  • Page response time checks as it Usually increases with increasing speed. You must regularly check that the average time for every test period must remain below the target value.
  • Spell/Typo on Content
  • Images Verification
  • Download and upload content behaviors
  • Site Content setting

Additionally, there are several other considerations for SharePoint testing that you should keep in mind, including security testing, compatibility testing, interface testing, usability testing, and performance testing.

How Testing benefits Your SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises

SharePoint Online Vs SharePoint On PremiseAccording to Microsoft, more than 200,000 organizations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites, and content management. With the rise of mobile devices and the spread of the Internet, the testing industry faces a significant challenge due to an enormous increase in user numbers. The issue is how we will test SharePoint applications that will be used by so many users on-premise.

With added pressure on SharePoint on-premise, the SharePoint cloud came into existence. But many businesses are unaware of the advantages of testing SharePoint on-premise and cloud. So let’s examine the benefits of testing for SharePoint in the cloud and on-premises.

Advantages of On-premise Testing

More Control:

  • Configurations, setup, hardware, and software are in the organizations’ hands.
  • Planning for upgrades or routine maintenance is free and does not involve outside companies.

Data Security:

  • Because the data remains on the premises, it is more secure.
  • Additionally created and used on-premise are the data-use tools.
  • Within the company, security compliance is also defined.

Affordable for Small Scopes

  • Requires as few as 1-2 machines and a single user. Fewer systems equal less maintenance.
  • As the name implies, SharePoint Cloud-based testing is a type of testing that offers an entire end-to-end testing solution.

Advantages of testing SharePoint cloud


  • The majority of them rely on subscriptions. Consequently, you only pay for what you want.
  • A single user and one device have lower costs.
  • As you scale up, the cost rises.
  • When you no longer require the service, scale back.

Cloud-Based Device Labs:

  • Several cloud-based test labs provide a complete set of tools outfitted with real devices or devices that support cloud testing.
  • After payment, simply plug everything in.
  • Don’t stress about maintenance, software updates, or updating devices with both the newest and previous OS versions. The service provider handles everything.

Remotely accessible:

  • COVID has made many people work from home.
  • Due to the online accessibility of the entire ecosystem, this does not affect cloud testing. All you need is an internet-connected laptop.

Parallel Execution:

  • You can run numerous tests simultaneously in various environments using cloud-based automation tools.
  • This is quicker, cheaper, and easily comparable to DevOps.

Testing requires a great deal of accountability. You’ll need all hands on deck for everything from upgrades and installations to machine and software monitoring and maintenance. You can chat with us if your business faces any issues with SharePoint applications. You can benefit from the power of Beyond Key’s cloud testing or on-premise testing.


SharePoint is undoubtedly one of the top Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools for designing and developing websites, portals, and data analysis applications. That is why SharePoint Testing Servicesbecomes one of the essential phases to make your application more robust and error-free for end users. Today, a lot of projects fail due to poor testing approaches. And SharePoint is being used in the current market for many public website designs and portal development. As a business, you must opt for testing to get tangible benefits and optimal ROI.

But the tricky part is having QA teams with the experience to test inside out, identify every problem, and quickly resolve it. That is where we come in. We are recognized as one of TopSoftware Testing Companies by DesignRush Our team of experts has complete expertise in optimizing your SharePoint, so your end user never faces any hiccups and gets the best experience out of your service. If you’re ready to remove all friction from your existing SharePoint tools, request a demo.


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