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Marketing Analytics & Dashboards

Propel your marketing experience with powerful Power BI dashboards

Being into marketing department, your team tends to keep collecting data from variety of disparate sources which include ad platforms, CRM, social media, web analytics, email automation tools and other real time sources. This data is collected on excel spreadsheets which sits in them until any analytics is performed. You are not able to gauge what's happening to your marketing efforts due to lack of the proper marketing analytics.

Modern-day marketing analytics & dashboard visuals represent their marketing KPIs. They are empowered with predictive analytical capabilities to help you slice and dice your data to a granular level. Data analytics provides a complete picture of every stage of the marketing efforts and funnel. Marketing analytics & dashboards are capable of building strong relationships between your incoming leads, sources, and channels.

Marketing Dashboards

Which Marketing KPIs are important?

To track your marketing efforts, it's important to measure the metrics which help you make informed decisions, so your marketing team understand what's working and what’s not.

There are many important marketing KPIs to track within Marketing analytics. Campaigns are the baseline for any kind of marketing effort, such as email campaigns, social media campaigns, and paid advertising campaigns. It is vital to any marketing team continuously evaluate how their campaign output and budgets perform.

Additionally, organizations need to track their website or online content activities. Most organizations rely on the leads generated organically through content on the website, like landing pages, case studies, whitepapers, blogs, etc.

Here is a list of some of the key marketing KPIs and analytics which can be beneficial for marketing team members to track:

Track the marketing metrics which matter to you most.

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Marketing Dashboard Examples

Website Traffic dashboard

Website Traffic dashboard

A website traffic dashboard helps you explore your corporate website number of visits, channel traffic, session duration, and other key metrics.

A website analytical report should discuss metrics like total sessions recorded, website traffic, bounce rate, channel traffic sources, and the goal conversion rate. This dashboard is important for entire marketing department members to see what’s happening on the website and how their combined efforts generate results.

Lead Analysis dashboard

As the name suggests, lead analysis is vital for marketers and salespeople in any organization. Key metrics captured on this dashboard are marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, total lead goals, and the MQL to SQL ratio based on variable time frames.

This dashboard shows you how successfully you can grab new lead opportunities from your marketing efforts. The analytical reports also create crucial decisions on the marketing and sales goals based on previous statistics and closures.

Lead Analysis dashboard
Social Media dashboard

Social Media dashboard

A social media dashboard analyzes different social media channels to boost your website traffic. This dashboard offers deep insights on engagement, subscribers, followers, and impressions on your social media channels.

Higher social media audience engagement helps to improve your conversion rate, so you can generate more revenue. Close monitoring on these key metrics help you improve your social media strategy.

Track your crucial marketing KPIs at your fingertips

Email Marketing Performance dashboard

Email marketing is one of the most traditional ways of marketing which has now evolved from mass mailing to more personalized messages. If you look at important email marketing KPIs then email deliveries, open rate, click rate, total bounces, subscribed audience, and the unsubscribed audience is key. This dashboard explores what kind of audience reads your emails and whether they act on your CTAs as a response.

Email Marketing Performance dashboard
Social Media dashboard

MQL Status Dashboard

As the name suggests, this dashboard gives minute details about the Marketing qualified leads coming into the system. Granular data reports on the size of the organisation from where the MQL has arrived, organisation geography, technology or products

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Our recent case study shows how we helped a US based IT giant leverage Power BI marketing analytics to supercharge there marketing strategies

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