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Beyond Key - Nonprofit Dashboard
Beyond Key
Beyond Key
Beyond Key

Nonprofit Dashboard
with Advanced Reporting and Analytics

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Evaluate your giving, volunteering, fundraising, and overall marketing performance at one central location with custom built nonprofit dashboards. Get a wide range of exclusive nonprofit reporting and dashboards for nonprofits.

It’s something that can make your organization a data-driven nonprofit.

Empowering nonprofits dashboards with data-driven solutions

Our nonprofit dashboard leverages secure Microsoft technologies like Power BI. Our vision is to empower nonprofit organizations with solutions that help them:

Instant Insights with nonprofit reporting and dashboards

Access unified nonprofit kpi dashboards tailored for nonprofit KPIs and metrics.
Get quick, digestible reporting for your board, leadership, and donors without opening spreadsheets.

Our suite of nonprofit reporting and analytics has various reports and dashboards covering:

  • Donations and lifetime giving
  • Volunteering and fundraising
  • Campaign data

With ready-to-use donor dashboards, you get instant insights into critical areas. Such as donor contributions, volunteer engagement, fundraising effectiveness, and campaign performance. No manual reporting required.

Snowflake Data Migration

Get a glimpse of how we will ensure your data speaks with our intuitive Nonprofit dashboard examples

Nonprofit Dashboard Examples

Bringing nonprofit data to life

Get clear understanding with clear data visualizations, presentation-ready reports, and unified insights through our Nonprofit dashboard solution.

Our custom nonprofit dashboard is designed to streamline operations and analyze data related to:

  • Donations
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteers
  • Events

With ready-to-use donor dashboards, you get instant insights into critical areas. Such as donor contributions, volunteer engagement, fundraising effectiveness, and campaign performance. No manual reporting required.

Snowflake Data Migration

With our nonprofit dashboard you can:

Increase Campaign Revenue

Increase Campaign Revenue

Monitor your campaign efficiency to allocate fundings into areas that are performing

Create accurate report for fellow board members

Create accurate report for fellow board members

Prepare presentable fundraising reports & showcase the health of your revenue streams.

Lapsed Donor Reports

Lapsed Donor Reports

Track inactive donors and use contact insights to steward them towards their next

On-Stop Reporting Solution

On-Stop Reporting Solution

Create & use ready-made dashboards pre-loaded with important metrics for nonprofits

Forecast Accurately

Forecast Accurately

Attain predictive reports related to performance of your nonprofit with forecasting reports that will delight your executive members and board.

On-demand nonprofit reports

On-demand nonprofit reports

Utilize our nonprofit Power BI experts for custom reports based on KPI’s of your choice

Kickstart data-driven decision making inside your nonprofit with intelligent analytics nonprofit dashboards custom made for your nonprofit today


How Can Nonprofit Dashboards Benefit Your Organization?

Beyond Key - Certified Snowflake Professionals

Donor Analytics - This donation dashboard provides a complete picture of your donors - donation date, state, donor type, event counts, and more. Easily view donations in year/month format and tabular views with this nonprofit kpi dashboard.

Event Analysis

Event Analysis - With this dashboard for nonprofits, analyze events through filters like year, donor category, location, gender splits, and occupational fundraising. View participant counts, donations collected, and top fundraising occupations.

Fundraising Dashboard

Fundraising Dashboard - Track key fundraising metrics like net funds raised, donations by source, ROI, state data, events/channels, and year-over-year growth. Visualize data through charts to reveal patterns and trends. Access campaign data in real-time.

Donation Trend

Donation Trend Compare donation values over time by donor type - new, existing, retained. Check previous year vs. current year amounts with this nonprofit dashboard. Reveal retention rate, new donations per category, and more donation trend data.

Understand your donors. Grow your nonprofit.
See our dashboard.

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