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IoT app development and solutions by BeyondKey

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Our Services

Organizations across all industry verticals are identifying ways to benefit from the Internet of Things. With the rapid development of IoT services, businesses are exploring hundreds of new opportunities to connect with their customers in real life, making their customers’ delivery experiences easier and better than ever before.

Beyond Key has developed a niche in this technology segment with our ample experience in creating a variety of IoT solutions.

Our services center around deploying robust IoT environments. We help organizations analyze, plan, prototype, and deploy IoT models and revenue streams.

Our Offerings
  • iot solution
    IoT Solution Design & Development
  • iot consulting
    IoT Consulting
  • iot device management
    Device Management & Integrtaion
  • iot info security
    Information Security
  • iot data collection
    Protocols of Data Collection
  • iot analytics insight
    Analytics & Insight

Our Projects

iot vehicle tracking

IoT for Smart Home Automation

Project Name : Nexx Home
Industry : Home Automation

The growing range of technologies today encompasses smart home appliances, mobile devices, and home automation systems, many of which are interconnected. Companies are busy developing a variety of smart devices that can be easily integrated within our homes and mobile phones. Our Customer SimpalTEK LLC is a Texas-based company with excellence in creating personalized automation and control solutions for smart home devices.

Beyond Key's team of capable IoT developers successfully built the voice-controlled application called Nexx Home to control smart home automation that is built on Native iOS 10.0+ and Android 6.0+. We have successfully integrated devices like smart garage door, smart plug and smart door with this mobile held application. It works for web, iOS and Android devices and with voice integration with Alexa and Google Home.

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IoT & Mist computing for location tracking services

Project Name : Passenger onboarding system
Industry : Tourism

We developed a Mist integrated solution for a tourism industry client which could help the cruise operators to keep passengers safe and secure. The solution automated the complete passenger management system, manifestation, including developing a state-of-the art identity authentication technology and Mist-enabled passenger location tracking system.

Mist is the first vendor to bring enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, BLE, and IoT together to deliver personalized, location-based wireless services without requiring battery-powered beacons. It uses Virtual beacons instead! All operations are managed via Mist’s modern cloud architecture for maximum scalability, agility, and performance. Use cases include indoor turn-by-turn directions, proximity based notifications, and asset tracking.

Passengers carried the smartphone application which helped them to register themselves for various services and activities available on the cruise. Way finding and proximity messaging enabled them to achieve smooth information system while crew members could easily identify real rime location of passengers to keep them safe and secure during the voyage.

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iot mist portal
iot smart home

IoT for Smart Control of Home Devices and Doors

Project Name : Smart Door
Industry : Home Automation

Smart Door Application is a companion application for an IoT enabled device like a garage door opener that securely allows one or more users to open, close, and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world. Beyond Key’s team of experienced IoT developers successfully built the Voice Controlled Smartwatch App (for Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatch). We enhanced the experience of using the Smart Door App by allowing users to use their smartwatches to open and close their garage by voice commands.

This application can work paired with mobile phones as well as independently. The smartwatch app also plays voice audio to ask for the user’s permission before activating the garage door.

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IoT for Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Project Name : BeyondPro
Industry : Logistic

Beyond Pro is a mobile app which was built for a Missouri based company who is also a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices and sensors utilized in developing the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). They needed a well-designed and developed automated system to monitor tire pressure.

Beyond Key catered to all of their requirements by developing a wireless IOT system and helped them in monitoring real-time tire pressure and simplifying their Fleet Management system.

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iot tire pressure
iot vehicle tracking

IoT for Vehicle Tracking

Project Name : ODT
Industry : Tracking Systems

Beyond Key’s GPS tracking and order management solution built for Austin based DQ Tech is seamlessly integrated with the Garmin device for Order and Delivery Tracking. The result is greater efficiencies that help reduce the cost of your deliveries. The IoT firmware used here is a Bluebird device which has an additional hardware for a barcode scanner and contactless payment system.

The device is used by truck drivers and other delivery persons to scan the orders. As they scan the product, complete information appears on the device screen about the customer and delivery location. It’s an amazing example of a wireless IoT system that’s extremely useful in logistics and supply chain management.

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IoT Use Cases

The Internet of Things is having a profound impact on many different industries and lines
of business. Here are some examples:



IoT footprints in the healthcare industry are commendable. They can be used to track almost anything, including medical equipment, patient health status, reports, distance between doctor and patient, virtual patient observation, and more. Wearable devices can also collect and analyze health data from patients in real time. Systems like glucometers, blood pressure cuffs and other devices collect data on the vital signs of patients. The data can be used for proactive and connected monitoring, early detection, and diagnosis.


Smarter branches, faster payments, improved operability, usage based insurance, fraud detection, and asset recovery that have been added to a seamless customer support system are some of the major areas where banking has slowly by gradually taken over the swing of the IoT trend. Several banks have already launched their own wearable device apps or chatbots to answer real time customer questions, thus freeing up human resources.


Energy management systems that use IoT can be very useful in conserving resources. They can help by accelerating decision-making, improving production, reducing costs, and increasing worker safety with effective IoT energy solutions.

Smart Cities

IoT technology can help municipalities organize their cities more effectively and sustainably. Smart traffic solutions, smart lighting systems, smart parking solutions, and a garbage disposal system are some of the IOT based solutions which can bring about a drastic improvement in the organization of smart cities, as well as making them more eco-friendly in the long run.

Supply Chain Management

Perform fleet management, inventory tracking, cargo integrity monitoring, and other business-critical functions with our smart logistics based IoT solutions.


The logistics industry was among the first adopters of IoT technologies in operations. It introduced handheld scanners to digitize the delivery process and multiple sensors to monitor cargo and delivery truck performance. Now everything is connected, from flexible warehousing operations to supply chain management: assets, carriers, storage facilities, parking lots, trucks, and other types of infrastructure.


Easily connect machines, remotely monitor and manage devices, and get real-time analysis of production data with our future ready IoT solutions. Complete factory automation is also done to optimize resources, cost, and delivery timelines widely.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Track valuable assets in real time, perform complex analytics and machine learning on data collected, and display the status of your business to deliver actionable insights.

Predictive Maintenence

Automatically predict when equipment needs maintenance; optimize equipment performance in real time; predict downtime; detect anomalies; and track device status, state, and location.

Connected Cars

Connected cars are evolving. Vehicle-centric IoT services such as remote-controlled heaters and digital door locks are common today. Car Entertainment, Advanced Navigation, Fuel and Cost Efficiency, Convenient Payment Models, Fleet Management, Convenient Car Maintenance, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, User-Based Insurance, Driver and Passenger Safety, and Car Monitoring are some of advanced features enabled by IoT integration with smart cars.

Smart Home

Whether it’s smart lights, remote appliance controls, thermostats, intelligent energy management or self-generated energy, smart security concepts, an efficient use of water, gas and other consumer goods, new models for home care, or targeted support individual lifestyles, Smart Homes will become a major platform in the next few years for the innovative potential of the Internet of Things.


The study of weather conditions to forecast ice, rain, drought, snow or wind or the utilization of sensors in greenhouses to control micro-climate conditions are helping farmers completely revolutionize agriculture. The ‘Internet of Cows’ shows how IoT can be applied to the pastoral farming sector. By implanting sensors in selected cows, farmers can gain a valuable overall picture of the herd’s health.

Our Technology Strength

At Beyond Key, we’re developing end-to-end solutions in industrial and commercial IoT systems, including IoT Gateways, Embedded Software, Cloud Technologies, and iOS/Android/Web Apps. We have developed a wide variety of IoT solutions to fit different market segments.

Highlighted Features

  • BLE/Wi-Fi provisioning
  • Cloud configuration
  • Security
  • Device and Cloud Rules Engine
  • User and device management with Multi-tenancy support
  • Android and iOS mobile applications

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS / AWS IoT
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Splunk
  • ThingWorx
  • Samsung ARTIK
  • Ayla
IEEE 802.15.4
Wireless Technologies
Operating System


Tizen RT



Cutting Edge IOT Architecture

iot cloud computing
iot edge computing
iot fog computing
iot mist computing

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