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Financial Analytics

Get every metric for your financial people to make the best business decision.
  • 15+ years of domain experience
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Beyond Key - Financial Analytics

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Our Financial Dashboard Templates

The Finance dashboard templates consist of five major dashboard samples which comprise Financial Overview, Balance Sheet, Income and expense, Current year Vs Previous year, Forecast dashboard. While these Power BI-based reports and dashboards come pre-built with powerful ad-hoc capabilities, they are also quickly customizable and extensible based on customers' unique requirements.

Let’s see some of these dashboards closely.

Financial Overview

This dashboard shows important performance metrics that describe the health of your business and the profitability of your operations. It also shows all the key metrics for your Assets, equity, sales net income, liabilities, cost, taxes, and more.

Balance sheet

This dashboard presents financial outcomes both internally and externally. It offers a picture of the company's financial health at a specific period, which is often a month or quarterly interval. Assets, liabilities, and equity of an organization are all listed in this financial statement.

Income and expense

This Dashboard allows you to get an overview of your net income and expenses over time. You can also drill down into Expense and Income reports to get more information on your business's financial performance like granular data on your overall cost of sales, expense, sales, sales return and income taxes, and more.

Current year Vs Previous year

This report compares assets, liabilities, income, and expenses on an annual basis. Financial departments can get quick insights, better decision-making, and accurate measurements of all the data in real-time, which will create a stable financial climate.

Forecast dashboard

This report shows the future trends within the company's annual financial state as well as Growth, Profitability, Cash Generation, and other important metrics. The forecasting analysis of income, sales, costs, expenses, assets, and liabilities as provided by this dashboard.

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What is financial analytics?

What is HR Analytics?

Financial analytics is the very basic business intelligence service that every organization – small, medium, or large should use to manage and track its progress. It helps people working on finances to get a glance at the company’s daily, weekly, monthly, and annual productivity reports. Financial analytics is the way to measure some of the major financial KPIs in the form of insightful dashboards and reports. It makes the large and complex excel sheet data so meaningful that even the non-financial people can also easily understand if the company is moving towards growth or not. It helps you answer every question related to your business while letting your forecast the future of your business growth.

How does Beyond Key’s Financial Analytics solution work and what are the dashboards ?

Beyond Key has worked with several companies and helped them to streamline and manage their complex financial data. We have integrated their third-party financial system, ERP, or CRM to BI tools like Power BI, Domo, Tableau to map their data. We have created visually appealing financial dashboards that provide users with an instant visual representation of their financial KPIs. Our financial dashboard examples allow finance departments to track and monitor the company's expenses, profits, and sales in real-time as well as easily identify areas that require immediate attention.

Beyond Key Advantage

With over 15 + years of BI and analytical services, Beyond Key has the experience your organization deserves. As Microsoft Gold providers, we know how to uncover insights hidden in your data and enhance your data exploration capabilities.

15+Years of Experience

200+Skilled Experts

25K+Product Downloads

45+Ongoing Projects

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